The wellness industry has soared over the past decade. To reflect this, Glion is updating its current programs and launching new ones, highlighting the importance of this ever-growing industry. Mariana Palmeiro, part of a team of Glion experts leading these changes, tells us more in our latest blog.

The rise of the wellness industry

Defined by the Global Wellness Institute as “the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health”, wellness has become an increasingly important part of everyone’s daily lifestyles. Additionally, business cultures, services and products across the globe are also taking notice.

The wellness industry now boasts a revenue of $3.7 trillion, under which the spa industry represents $99 billion. Glion Institute of Higher Education is following this market closely, but not just on general subjects connected to hospitality. We are also looking at deeper subjects related to the importance of food and nutrition, beauty, and recent developments on health, longevity and wellbeing.

New changes at Glion

With this in mind, Glion has formed a team of experts who will be updating our current programs and adding the wellness aspect, as well as launching a few new programs that demonstrate the industry’s continued rise. The team is represented by:

  • Mariana Palmeiro, a former Spa and Wellness Consultant who led fifferent projects and developments in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe;
  • Marianne Rothenbühler, Senior Program Portfolio Manager with more than twenty years of experience in hospitality and executive education;
  • Denisa Nitu, Program Portfolio Manager with an extensive experience in project management.

The first educational program the team has developed will integrate a full week’s course exploring luxury wellness in hospitality. This will go into the exiting Glion Bachelor’s program. Students will have an intensive course focusing on latest industry trends, management principles, wellness food and nutrition fundamentals, and exciting workshops in our healthy restaurant and bar, Fresh.

In the future, Mariana, Marianne and Denisa plan to launch a new wellness to business education program at Glion. This program will develop highly capable leaders in the wellness industry through training, education, career development, consultancy and research activities.

Glion’s team is currently pursuing global strategic alliances and joint ventures with leading brands, with the aim of developing tailored training and customized educational programs. The aim is to promote professional development and to achieve success stories, to be published and shared with students via white papers and case studies. The program is also constantly engaging leaders and strategic professionals as guest speakers, executives and contributors, in order to create an impactful experience.

We hope to launch this new program in September 2018.

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