MBA Key Concepts on ‘Vision’ – September 2013

On September 17th all MBA and PG students attended the MBA Key Concepts Symposium on ‘Vision’ in Business, held on the Bulle campus of Glion Institute of Higher Education. The Symposium Series is a collaboration between various institutions and universities, together with the Glion Institute of Higher Education, so this was also a chance for students to meet and share ideas with students from other institutions.

Each year, the Series explores one key area of importance for future leaders. The five subjects are:

• creativity – innovation
• vision – project management
• ethics – values
• sustainable development
• performance- results

The 2013 Symposium focused on what “vision” means, from the perspectives of key positions including those of finance, marketing, strategy, communication and human resources and brought together key players from business and academia to discuss and explore this question.
The event organizers, Dr Lyn Glanz and Dr Zarina Charlesworth aim to provide students with a unique opportunity to learn about industry practice from key experts in the world of work: “Students are always inspired to hear authentic stories from people with real life experience. They value hearing about issues and solutions that arise directly from the world of work”.

Watch the video of the 2013 MBA Symposium : “Vision” explained by Industry leaders

Although some speakers have hospitality experience, the net of speakers is cast wide, so that students are exposed to issues outside their main area of study and can get a broader perception on ‘vision’ in industry as a whole.

Keynote speakers included:

Gilles Albaredes. Albaredes developed the team that supervised the conception and delivery of digital imagery to the London Organising Committee for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games. This included innovative stadia-wide special effects for the opening and closing ceremonies, screen animated content, promotional films, mascot animated films, sponsor activation and content for broadcasters.

• Mette Stannow of IBM. Stannow is a leader with great experience and interest in multicultural business and management. She is currently responsible for running marketing programs for IBM’s new PureSystems (Integrated IT systems) worldwide.

• Vincent Perriard, CEO of HYT. Perriard spoke about the development and launch of his new watch: Extreme Alchemist. Known as HYT’s Hydro-Mechanical Horologist, Vincent has turned utopia into reality – mixing mechanics and liquid within a wristwatch, and won the Best Innovative Watch in 2012 (Grand Prix de Genève).

• Kees Rutgers of Showmore Entertainment introduced students to his new venture as Executive Producer of the arena version of ‘Grease’.

• Doris Chromek-Burckhart of CERN. Chromek-Burckhart is a physicist at CERN, the European High Energy Physics research laboratory based in Geneva. She is a long term member of the ATLAS collaboration, one of the exciting large experiments which explores new physics with the Large Hadron Collider.

• Mary Farmer, from Glion Institute of Higher Education. Farmer leads the business side of the GIHE online programs.

• Hulya Kurt of Thompson Reuters. Kurt is a Project Manager and part of the Global Project on internal billing systems. She leads the Employee Resource Group within the Geneva Office.

Students used the conference to probe the industry experience of practitioners, and to boost their professional networks, which will help them in their studies and beyond.

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