Aimée Bordes has been interested in the hospitality world from a young age, and fell in love with Glion after attending an Open Day. Since then, Aimée has developed both her soft and hard skills, studied across our three campuses and immersed herself in the ‘Glion spirit’.

Finding the right school

After graduating from The Francs Bourgeois – La Salle in Paris, France, Aimee was drawn to the world of hospitality. “I have been passionate about culinary arts and food & beverage from a young age,” Aimée said. “When it came to thinking about my future studies, I was looking for a pathway that would include F & B. Therefore, I started looking at hospitality schools.”

The first step for Aimee was to attend a number of school fairs in her native Paris. “This is where I first discovered Glion, and from that I decided to attend a few Open Days,” she said. “At Glion, I met teachers, staff members and students. Over the course of the day, I fell in love with the whole school. Glion offers a strong academic pathway, allowing their students to develop both professionally and personally.”

A multi-campus experience

Studying at Glion has also enabled Aimée to enjoy Glion’s three campuses, located in Glion, Bulle (both in Switzerland) and London (UK). “Glion provides us with lots of facilities, including restaurants, fitness centres and libraries,” she said. “We also have had the opportunity to enjoy various activities, such as visiting Switzerland’s lake region and the nearby ski slopes. The campuses provide us with the right balance of curricular and extracurricular activities in order for us to fully enjoy our time there.”

While at Glion, Aimée has developed a number of crucial skills. “We’ve learned technical skills involving housekeeping, front office and kitchen,” she said. “We have also strengthened soft skills such as critical thinking, leadership and research. Glion allows me to understand how companies should act in order to effectively sustain their own development, adapting to new markets and product needs. I am getting full insight on the realities of the market with specific examples and case studies.”

A global perspective

Now in her sixth semester, Aimée has enjoyed an enriching, multicultural experience, working with people from different countries while studying at our London and Swiss campuses. “One of my first group projects saw me work with some students from Asia, which was a real eye-opener in terms of communication and cultural differences,” he said. “We took the opportunity during this project to find the right balance between our cultures in order to let everyone add a bit of their personalities and thoughts into the project. This really helped me learn how to work in a multicultural environment.”

Aimée has also got to enjoy the Glion spirit, which she believes is more than just the education. “It becomes part of our everyday lives,” she said. “It’s a state of mind which all students, teachers and staff members share. The Glion spirit hits you on day one when you arrive on campus and never leaves you.”

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