Klara Hoxhallari was initially unaware of the hospitality industry. However, when it came to searching for a job that would take her across the globe, she soon realized it was the perfect fit. After finishing her studies in her native Albania, Klara began a “life-changing” experience at Glion.

Why did you choose hospitality field, what does hospitality mean for you?

I developed great interest in continuing my studies abroad, particularly in Switzerland. I had heard of E&B Consultancy, a firm that helps students pursue their studies abroad. There, they introduced me to an industry relatively new to me, hospitality and tourism. I realized that being part of this industry means to care, to always want to help, and to deliver an exceptional experience and feeling.

Why did you choose to study at Glion Institute of Higher Education?

Having done some research, I discovered that it was one of the top hospitality schools in the world, and that it offered a great variety of cultures and a strong network.

What essential business and personal skills Glion helps you to develop?

During my journey at Glion, I have discovered how this is a school of life. It has helped me develop and improve my confidence, as well as my communicational and interpersonal skills, teamwork, organization, networking, entrepreneurship skills, strategic thinking, self-motivation, and my desire to learn and grow (both personally and professionally).

Tell us about one experience where Glion’s multi-cultural environment really made an impact on you.

When I first joined Glion, I realized that it was an environment with more than 96 nationalities. I met people from all over the world, with different religions, backgrounds, traditions and cultures. It made me want to be part of this industry more than ever, as I wanted to explore further. The greatest impact was when I learned to be open to other people’s thoughts, languages, cultures and accept differences.

How would you describe the famous “Glion Spirit”?

It all starts on the first day you join Glion and take in that amazing view. It fills you with excitement and the enthusiasm to meet everyone and be part of something big, a new home away from home, a new family that will make you grow throughout your journey.

How would you describe your experience on campus?

Our life on campus is incredibly vivid. We enjoy all types of events and activities, including Oktoberfest, karaoke, barbecue nights, sports tournaments, luxury conferences and much, much more.

What are your future career goals and what are your future personal goals?

My future career goal after I finish Glion is to work for a financial service company. I am currently preparing for an interview with JP Morgan. My personal goals are charity organizations for the disfavored and provide education for them to be able to make a living. A hospitality school is one of the main options for this cause.

Why would you recommend Glion to future students?

I have had the best experiences of my life at Glion. I came in as another person and today I feel I have grown a lot, I met extraordinary and diverse people and I am motivated to take my next step towards my future. For anyone who would like to have a life changing experience, Glion is the answer.

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