When you study at Glion, you have the opportunity to work with world-class companies and create a strong professional network. In our recent article, we spoke to Anastasiia Papish, Barbora Veneckova and Symbat Khakim. The three students, currently in their seventh semester, spoke about an amazing project they have been conducting with European football governing body UEFA.

The trio are about to conduct an Applied Business Project (ABP), which is part of our BA Hospitality Management programme. The aim of an ABP is to find innovative solutions to a business problem, challenge or need. Anastasiia and the team are working on a project to create a manual for the Champions Club, the private area for sponsors, guests and more at Champions League football games. The students are also creating a social media campaign, which can be viewed on Instagram.

Effective teamwork

Anastasiia says it is important for their team to be comprised of equals, rather than having one specific leader. “We like to work this way,” she said. “We do not have specific roles within the team. We are doing the research all together and making sure we understand all of the details. Once we’ve done that, we’ll separate the tasks.”

However, Symbat feels the group understands just who prefers to do what and where each member’s talent lies. “Barbora, for example, loves to do the literature review, whereas I’m not a fan,” she said. “Hence, I am more in charge of the methodology. We are aware of each of our strengths and we try to use them the best way we can to achieve the right results.”

Symbat believes they are working well together as a team. “We knew each other already,” she explained. “We are a small team and we can easily organise things. Alongside this, we are organising the Cultural Fair, Sports Day and Glion’s Got Talent.”

For the team, there is a lot of work ahead. “We will have to create the event plan, with the running orders and budget objectives, as this is the first part of our grade,” Barbora said. “Then we have to market the project and create the marketing plan, so that is the second part of the project. That’s graded separately.”

“Then there is the third part,” Symbat added. “Which is the actual results. We will measure the customer satisfaction and reflect on our entire project.”

The ABP is part of the trio’s International Event Management specialisation, which is providing them with the skills they need to successfully complete this project.

Working with UEFA

The ABP is part of the trio’s International Event Management specialisation, which is providing them with the skills they need to successfully complete this project. One week before they arrived on campus, they went on an organised visit of UEFA’s headquarters in Nyon. “We had a meeting with their team, who told us what the project is all about and what they expect from us,” Barbora said. “We had a nice tour and we really liked it. Their team is very young, dynamic and international, and shows a very nice work environment.”

Symbat says the group has remained in regular contact with the UEFA team throughout their project. “We give them a constant update on our timelines, deadlines and plans,” she said. “There are also a few organised Q & A sessions, where we will either meet in person or discuss things through Skype.”

The students also posted on social media directly from Rome, where they attended the Champions League quarter-final match between AS Roma and Barcelona.

About the team

Anastasiia (originally from Ukraine), Barbora (Czech Republic) and Symbat (Kazakhstan) keep themselves busy outside of their studies. Barbora frequently attends the gym, Anastasiia is an accomplished snowboarder and Symbat enjoys travelling.

For the future, all three are interested in entering the events industry full-time. “I would like to stay in events, but I’m also interested in studying a Master’s,” Barbora said. Anastasiia, on the other hand, wants to gain more work experience. “I would like to work for individual event companies that are not hospitality-led. I would love to have my own event company one day.” Events is also something Symbat is keen to continue doing. “I would really like to combine food & beverage with events, so something like weddings,” she said. “I hope to work in the Middle East, preferably Dubai.”

Applied business projects are an essential part of our programmes, and enable our students to meet and network with leading brands, both within hospitality and beyond. Stay tuned for more stories coming soon.

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