Our Applied Business Projects (ABPs) are a great way for students to gain hands-on skills, work in teams and deliver exciting results. Elin Persson, Ambre Cazaux, Alice Levy and Laura Chauffat have teamed up to work on a project for Swiss four-star Hotel Victoria, part of Relais & Chateau hotel group. They spoke to us about teamwork and what their plans are for the future.

Sharing the tasks

The foursome had worked together previously, making the decision to reunite a no-brainer. “It’s easier when you know the people you are working with,” Ambre said. “You can say things in a straightforward manner, point out what works and what doesn’t, and trust your teammates and know what they are comfortable doing.”

Together, Elin, Ambre, Alice and Laura all bring different attributes to the team. “We all complement each other in our work,” Elin said. “We set the objectives, split the work, put all the parts together and make sure the content makes sense once it’s all combined. Some of us focus on research and methodology, while others make sure it is all practically applied.”

“We are applying everything we learned in Glion. Now it all makes sense.”

The key to success

The team believes that having the possibility to choose your teammates is a big help, as they learnt though their past experiences that teamwork can vary. “It really depends on who your colleagues are,” Laura said. “Sometimes it’s a great experience. Sometimes you find you’re doing everything on your own. It is much better when you have the option to choose your teammates.”

Elin believes the key to success is responsibility. “Everyone has to take responsibility for their part, even though there is a group leader,” she said. “It’s wrong to assume that the group leader will just do everything.”

The future

Despite embarking on a project with a core grounding in digital marketing, some members of the team see their career going elsewhere. “I would like to be able to analyse the numbers and then connect them to marketing,” Ambre said. “This is an area I’ve worked within in the past, so I know how to work with numbers and analyse them.” Elin has similar ambitions. “I want to go into something finance-based, where strategy is the first plan,” she said.

For Laura, she envisions her career moving away from hotels. “I want to work for different types of service sectors,” she said. “Probably something connected to events and marketing.” The latter is also an option for Alice. “Maybe marketing, but I would definitely like to work in a field directly connected to hospitality.”

The team has already begun searching for full-time roles. “I received a job offer during Recruitment Day, but have not decided yet,” Alice said. Outside of the classroom, Elin is kept busy in her role as President of Glion’s Student Government Association. “I am always meeting with my colleagues and representatives of different committees,” she said. Elin is aided in her efforts by Ambre. “I am a PR manager within the SGA,” she said. “The focus is on helping the students and ensuring their voice is heard.”

All four believe that working on this project has already been hugely beneficial. “This project allows us to connect all of the dots,” Elin said. “We are applying everything we learned in Glion. Now it all makes sense.”

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