Last semester, three young ladies from Glion Institute of Higher Education were awarded the Future Leaders Awards by the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC) after participating as moderators and animators in the campfire workshops at the General Assembly, IACC Europe Knowledge Festival, held in Milan.

The students who received this prestigious recognition were Ariane Broquet (Swiss), Anastasiya Fomina (Russian), and Olga Larsen, (Russian); they were all semester 6 students from the Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management.

The awards were given in recognition of the quality and pertinence of their presentations at the event. Specifically, Olga and Ariane’s presentation was about the trends that will affect the future of meeting venues. Olga discussed the threat that technology poses to meeting venues because of the growing popularity of tools such as technological glasses, like Google Glass. Indeed, these tools are enhancing the quality of long distance and virtual meetings. As for Ariane, she explained how a venue could be made more or less attractive depending on the use of sensory marketing, which is a new frontier where brands will seek to reach and influence consumers by associating certain smells, sounds and sights with the brand experience.

Anastasiya’s presentation was on a different topic. “During my presentation, I discussed the key elements of leading a healthy lifestyle and suggested services that meeting organizers can offer to satisfy the clients who care about their health, even when they are travelling for business. The ideas mostly focused on food and coffee breaks, as well as activities. I chose to discuss this topic because business people nowadays pay more attention to their health and mind their weight and the food they eat. To be healthy is trendy, and therefore meeting organizers should make sure the food and activities at events fit with a healthy lifestyle,” Anastasiya said.

One of the event participants took notice of their presentation and mentioned it in a blog article about the conference:

“The Camp Fire sessions at La Villa were equally inspiring with great content coming from the session conducted by Olga Larsen and Ariane Broquet, student-interns currently studying at Glion School of Hospitality. We learned about the latest technologies and their application to meetings of the future. My big take-away from this was realising how we can improve venue site inspections by taking on board research that proves sight and smell are the most powerful ways to impact on decisions. So we need to make our rooms look visually appealing while ensuring there’s coffee brewing and bread baking there!” Read the full article here.

This presentation was chosen by the CEO of IACC and Claudio Zucco, our Glion professor who facilitated the student’s participation for this project. As Mr. Zucco explained, “The benefit for the school is that the quality of our students has been made visible to the managers who attended the IACC event. Additionally, the benefit for the students is that they have applied what they have studied in class in a professional environment.”

For more information about the IACC, and the event in question, visit the news page of their website.

Event Management and Hospitality Management Courses

In the hospitality management program, Glion students learn about a wide variety of event management practices from a hospitality and business standpoint. Additionally, living and studying alongside students from the Event, Sport and Entertainment Management program also offers a unique opportunity for the hospitality management students to experience and collaborate on a wide range of events, including sports and cultural events, conferences with visiting industry leaders, excursions and external events. They learn about the higher levels of event management, going beyond the operational side, and these presentations reflected their learnings. The topics were appreciated by the attendees as relevant and interesting topics for event management professionals to consider for the future of conferences and events.

To learn more, visit the Bachelor Degree in Hospitality page, or the Event, Sport and Entertainment Management Degree page.

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