Glion students have lots of fun and exciting activities, societies and hobbies to enjoy while studying. However, the summer break is a great way to make the most of having more free time. Our students have many opportunities during the summer months to keep their minds active while also enjoying the sunshine. Here are some examples:

Go travelling

Discovering new places and engaging with different cultures is a crucial part of hospitality. Our students become accustomed to meeting people from many different countries. Additionally, they are ready to gain work and life experience by visiting different nations. Hence, travelling is one of the most popular pastimes during the summer break. What better way to make the most of your summer by exploring a new place?

To make it even more memorable, you could go travelling with some of your fellow students. That’s what Glion student Jeremy is doing – he and his friends are embarking on an enlightening trip to Lebanon. Calum, meanwhile, is spending his summer travelling through Europe and the US. Jorge is discovering the South American countries like Panama, Mexico and Ecuador.

Catch up with friends and family

The summer break is the perfect opportunity to return home and hang out with those closest to you. Your friends from back home may also be returning from university, meaning you can enjoy trading stories together. It’s also nice to spend extended time with your loved ones. Jeremy, in particular, is looking forward to spending part of his summer relaxing on the seaside with his friends.

Get a summer job

On the surface, this may not be instantly appealing, but securing a summer job is a good way to boost your experience, advance your skills and meet new people. Plus, when you graduate, having experience from a summer job will help you stand out and show your dedication to the hospitality industry. Glion student Marta has been offered an impressive position at a hotel throughout the summer. “I am returning to Barcelona to work at the Renaissance Barcelona Hotel, where I did my second internship,” she said. “They have a position in their Sales and Events department for the summer, so when they asked me if I was available I immediately said yes.”

Increase your knowledge

It’s important to keep learning, particularly in a constantly evolving industry like hospitality. Therefore, attending a summer course, volunteering or just studying will ensure you return to Glion sharp and ready. Jorge is doing just this. Over the summer, he is travelling to Chicago to assist a course on motivation for managerial purposes. Calum, meanwhile, is spending a month working in a resort hotel, thanks to a contact he met at one of our Career and Recruitment Days.

Pursue your passions

With not much studying to do, the summer is a good time to follow a particular interest. Haonan, for example, is attending the Shanghai Film Festival.

The summer break gives you so many fun and engaging options. Whether you secure an amazing position with a leading hospitality organisation, travel to a new country with your friends or simply return home for some highly-deserved relaxation, it’s important to make the most of your time off.

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