Mastery of hospitality’s practical arts, including mixology, is hard-wired into the Glion approach to education. And the students love to put their skills to the test, as Student Ambassador Khaila Prasser reveals…

Cocktail aficionados and those with a competitive spirit were given quite a show this year during Glion’s annual Cocktail Competition. The 2019 event was hailed as the best yet, thanks to the hard work of the Glion Ambassadors and, of course, the support and sponsorship of Martigny’s famed distillery, Morand.

On a sunny Thursday afternoon, our campus Club was turned into a ‘boxing ring’ with a bar in the blue corner and another in the red. With a tableful of Morand’s finest liqueurs, spirits and syrups, decorated with an array of seasonal fruits and herbs, the competitors were armed and ready to fight it out to become Glion’s Cocktail Champions.

The judges included no other than Mr. Morand himself, together with Ms. Dominique Rohrbasser from Student Affairs and Mr. Ferdinand from our on-site restaurant, Bistro 23. The day was made extra special with our vibrant MCs, Herbert Jones and Lim-Lim Kobe, who kept the crowd entertained with clever puns and personal anecdotes!

The competitors were put into teams of two, with four teams in total representing every level of study, from the young bachelors all the way through to the seasoned MBAs. Not only did the teams have to prepare delicious and beautifully presented cocktails, but for the first round they had to create a signature cocktail inspired by their first love – an undertaking that was certainly daunting to most!

“Eventually everything went into flames with our first loves. To represent this in the cocktail, take an orange peel garnish and squeeze the juice on the peel through a flame from a lighter into the glass.” – Team Los Pinches

So, how did everyone get on?

The fight for 3rd place was a tough one, with Team Old Fashioned and Team Ping Pong creating a classic cocktail for the modern James Bond.

In the grand finale, the battle was close between The Mixters and Los Pinches, with the challenge being to incorporate a secret ingredient (revealed to be thyme) into the mix.

The Mixters, AKA BBA students Matthieu Laurens and Gaelle Kehdi, eventually took first place; proving the young talents’ passion for hospitality and also showing the value of their Practical Arts semester! As part of their prize, The Mixters’ signature cocktail was made cocktail of the week at Le Bellevue restaurant. Matthieu and Gaelle also took away special prizes from Morand as well as free hour-long massages from FlySpa.

Congratulations to all the skilled bartenders, who put so much effort into their preparation and mastery. Thank you to all the staff, the judges, FlySpa, the Ambassadors and students that came to watch and support the event. Special thanks to the Morand team and Mr. Ferdinand for helping the event come to life! We’re excited to see what brilliant concoctions next year will bring.

Thanks for the report Khaila! You can read more from Khaila here:


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