I have always been interested in food, mostly in eating it. My culture, Italian, and my family played a very important role in this. A few years ago, I started living on my own and the necessity of feeding myself let me discover a great passion for cooking, especially cooking for others. Relaxing and exciting at the same time, cooking represents for me the beginning of a moment of communion. Having a lunch or dinner with friends or family is not only about filling our stomachs. In fact, I believe it’s about sharing time and love, for each other and for food. The process of cooking is something that fills the spirit, as you are making something with your own hands that will make someone you love happy. How could I not love it!?

In my first semester at Glion, I missed having a kitchen. Experimenting and creating was my bread and butter. For this reason, as soon as I was given the chance to create my own project as a Campus Life Leader in semester two, I decided to start a Cooking Club. The aim was to share my passion for the magic of cooking with others.

The club started quite early in the semester and it was a great success. It was based in the demo kitchen “Montreux Jazz” which was kindly offered by the chefs of the school, Mr Parmentier and Mr Diedier. Without them and other teachers, like Mr Herbin, Mr Nicolot and Mr Besnard, this project wouldn’t have been possible. All these teachers helped me to improve my recipes and the overall concept of the club. Once I established how I wanted it to be, I started the advertisement and at the end of the day all the effort paid off very well.

From the first session on the 21st of February, things went perfectly every time. Almost every Saturday, more than ten people were happy to meet and discover new recipes. The club was mostly based on Italian cuisine, however sessions about cocktail and food pairing, or the British afternoon tea also contributed to make this experience extraordinary. Each session was based on the participants. They were the chefs; I was only there to support in case they needed me. Once they had their small welcome package and the recipes of the day, the games would begin. Baking and chopping and much more was happening in that little cosy kitchen that seemed like a home for a few hours a week. It was a great experience for everyone and I sincerely hope someone will keep it alive in the next semesters, because “Cooking is love made visible”.

Finally, I would like to thank once again all the teachers mentioned above, my project supervisor Mrs Cavin, the Students Affairs Department, all the volunteers that helped me during each session, the photographer Nathan Ducarme, the housekeeping staff for the uniforms, the service staff from Bellevue and HAD, all the chefs and all the other people that helped me make this club possible.

For more pictures, check out the Cooking Club Facebook page.

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