Being a member of the Student Government Association (SGA) is, in my opinion, the highest non-academic rank a student can achieve at Glion. Every semester, the Executive Committee (EC) members are elected by the Glion student body to represent their best interests.

The SGA has an international heritage with members of different nationalities. Although cultural traits may appear, we all have a common goal: to evoke the famous “Glion Spirit”. Our priority in the SGA is to invest the generous budget given by the school on projects, which will enhance the student life of Glion’s diverse community.

The SGA has a focused vision; that is “continuity”. With the previous president delivering a hand-over report at the end of the term, the newly elected SGA follows through on successful events in previous terms and further pursues ideas pending. The current SGA believes in this vision and has successfully held an All-you-can-eat Brazilian Cuisine event and is organizing a student-run cultural fair with 17 different nationalities catering for 500 students.
Furthermore, since Glion is ranked among the top 3 hospitality management schools, students are sometimes called to work in the industry even during their studies. For this reason, the SGA has maintained a strong relationship with luxury establishments in Switzerland’s major cities to recruit Glion students to assist with special events.

Nevertheless, it is imperative that each SGA generates its own original ideas. This SGA, of which I am the elected president, believes it is important to further increase the voice of Glion’s student body. With this focus in mind, the SGA unanimously approved an update in the Constitution by establishing a student referendum that decides any revised changes to the Constitution as well how the budget is invested. The enthusiasm highlighted by the Executive Committee is thanks to the students. We want their journey in Glion to be unforgettable, rich in emotions and experiences.

Social media is the ideal communication platform for Glion students. With an international student body and Glion ambassadors performing internships around the world, it is vital to share these proud achievements. That is why the SGA has initiated the #GlionJourney on Facebook and Instagram to illustrate students academic, professional and social endeavors. Moreover, the SGA has created a new non-academic committee to publish Glion’s first written student and faculty newspaper.

There are a numerous Glion stories waiting to be heard.
It is time to hear everyone’s journey.

The SGA 2014.1, from left to right:
• Jade Matarasso, Student Council Representative
• Andrea Iga, SGA Intern
• Grisha Davidoff, Treasurer
• Michael Gambino, President
• Philippe Brest, Vice-President
• Logan Faure, Public Relations
• Matilda Fredberg, Secretary

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