Dia duit from Ireland!

I hope everyone who was so lucky as to have a summer vacation or holiday, had a great and relaxing one!

Personally, I only had five days at home (not to complain, as five days are by far better than no time at all) before I embarked on the plane and then on to the next step of my journey to Ireland.

Sitting in the plane, I wondered about what awaited me in the green country and which challenges I would encounter in this new environment, which I had been looking forward to seeing ever since I signed my contract a few months back.

Upon arrival at the airport in Dublin, I already met two of my very friendly, soon-to-be colleagues and housemates and we made our way to Bray, one of the larger towns in Ireland, where we were to be picked up by the guest service manager of the hotel.

After a warm welcome, we were dropped off at our home. More precisely, we were deposited in one of the four intern houses, where we had some time to settle in. As it turned out, one of the girls I had already met at the airport, Ornella, was in fact my new roommate; a surprise that I was very happy about, as she is an immensely kind person. I guess I am always really lucky with my roommates! Altogether there are seven people living in the house, which honestly does take some getting used to, but is a good and interesting experience, once you get adjusted to things. If you are in need of some solitude once in a while though, you can just take a stroll along the beautiful Irish Sea, which is definitely one of the advantages of living here.

The next day we discovered our place of work for the next six months: the absolutely gorgeous and idyllic Ritz Carlton Powerscourt near the charming village of Enniskerry.

After a short orientation and “meet and greet” with all of the other interns, we followed a more thorough orientation, where everyone was introduced to the Ritz Carlton principles and the different staff members. Then, we were immediately introduced to our departments.

I found out that I would start in housekeeping and move on to front office roughly three months later. I was also very excited to find out that even within the housekeeping department I would get the opportunity to work in different areas, starting in public ones and then moving on to working as housekeeping coordinator.

The first week consisted of a cross training and introduction to all the different housekeeping fields, such as the afore mentioned public areas, the housemen and the room attendants, which was quite varied and a good way of getting a quick overview of everything. I was also amazed by the kindness of everyone working in this department, as I was treated in a very friendly manner and welcomed into the team openly and immediately.

The second week then consisted of a cross training in front office, once again just to get a first impression of things, after which I then moved back to working in public areas in housekeeping, as well as learning to work as a room attendant, which I honestly have to admit really is an extremely exhausting and challenging job. My next stop will now be the laundry, after which I will then be trained as a supervisor, so I definitely can´t complain about monotony.

I hope you got a good first impression about my internship and I will keep you posted on my experiences here.

I also want to wish all new students, which will be starting their life in Glion very soon, the best of luck and a great start!


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