By: Lisseth Mendoza, MBA in Hospitality Management

At the age of 22, I started an extraordinary and fulfilling journey into the hospitality industry by joining a cruise line where I performed different roles in guest services. Although studying translation and interpretation had opened many doors for me, in this company, I found my true passion for hospitality. To dedicate my life to enhance the overall experience of a guest by providing personalized and exceptional service now seems a rather normal job, a way of living and thinking.

Before joining Glion, I had worked as a front desk manager for almost two years in the same company before I decided I needed to take the next step and crystalize all that I learned during my years of practice. As students, we all have the dream of becoming a manager one day; however, the reason I came to get my MBA in Glion was to become a leader instead.

Although it is true that soft skills are key in the hospitality industry, especially if you want to lead people in the future, soft skills need to be supported by senior managerial skills and knowledge about business planning, strategic management and organizational change. Moreover, these hard skills are not something that are easy to develop unless you challenge yourself by taking a postgraduate course. In this degree, I’m learning to analyze different scenarios and make decisions based on my knowledge and background experience.

Once I decided to pursue hospitality studies at a postgraduate level, the question was where and how. In this sense, Glion was the best choice for me. I was lucky enough to have some advice from students in different hospitality schools, including some Glion students who were crucial in my decision making.

As part of my MBA, we have been working on an Applied Business Project for InterContinental for which we had to visit the UN to know about the premises and diplomatic clientele.

Not for a second did I doubt where I would be studying, since Glion has the best career relations department providing increasing job opportunities from the top hospitality recruiters worldwide, and its postgraduate curriculum is constantly updated and caters to the needs of the industry’s current reality. As we all say: more than a degree, Glion is a career maker.

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