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I interviewed some of my friends to ask them how they feel about Glion. These are all students from semester 4, all from different countries. Meet my friends: Max from Switzerland, Matilda from Sweden and Champagne from Thailand.

Maximilien von Stadelhofen, Switzerland, Bachelor Hospitality Management

Why did you choose Glion?

I chose Glion because I was accepted in both EHL and G.I.H.E and I felt that Glion was more open-minded and really wanted me to study with them.

What made you choose the hospitality industry?

I chose the hospitality industry because I wanted to embrace new cultures. The human interaction within the hospitality industry was a real attraction to me as well.

What are your best memories at Glion?

My best memories as of now from Glion are the intercampus sport days, cultural fairs, being a tennis representative, meeting many new friends and general happiness.

Matilda Fredberg, Sweden, Bachelor Hospitality Management

Why did you choose Glion?

I chose Glion because of its multicultural environment and because of the Glion Spirit!

Find 3 keywords to define Glion

International, opportunities and Glion Spirit!

What made you chose the hospitality industry?

Hospitality is useful and needed in almost all business today. I see myself as a hospitality-person and I love meeting people.

Rojjirat Opassuwan “Champagne”, Thailand, Bachelor Hospitality Management

Why did you choose Glion?

I chose to come to Glion because of its reputation and the fact that it is accredited by NEASC, a renowned accreditation that is accepted by the industry. Glion provides both theoretical and practical knowledge required for the industry in areas such as Rooms Division, Food & Beverage and Hospitality Management. Furthermore, the school also offers Craft-Based Learning courses, which are hands-on classes in Food & Beverage and Rooms Division. Glion offers a great combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, it’s a fun learning experience for students, and we are able to develop our creativity through hands-on experience, which is beneficial for us when applying for an internship. I believe that Glion sets us apart from other graduates with a wide range of knowledge that prepares us for the real industry.

What is your dream job or What are your future projects/expectations?

I would like to take a Management Trainee Program with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group upon my graduation, as it is one of the oldest hotel chains that is famous for its high reputation across the world. I am mainly interested in Food & Beverage because I love interacting with people. When I previously worked in a restaurant, it made me realize that I enjoy delivering excellent service, my customers’ satisfaction brought me happiness and pride in my work. At times, I faced obstacles during my training, mostly with technical matters, but the joy of accompanying and being accompanied by people has allowed me to overcome the hardships and learn to appreciate both the bad and the good times, both have given me great educational experiences.

Find 3 keywords to define Glion
Diversity, Friends, Unforgettable

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