This semester, Matilda Fredberg, president of the student Green Club on the Glion campus, organized Glion’s first “Green Day” with her fellow students: Paola Curti, Resham Shahdadpuri, Enrico Manasse, Ulkar Mammadzada, Javad Hajiyev, Mariyan Mouchaab and Chenxin Liu. The Green Day raised awareness about recycling, littering, green energy and wasteful habits. The Green Club was mentored this semester by the Glion campus Security Manager, Ms. Claire Dutilloeul.

IGSU, the Swiss Interest Group for a Clean Environment, was invited to the event that day to support the Green Club with their efforts. IGSU was founded by two private sector recycling organisations, the IGORA Cooperative for Aluminium Recycling and PRS PET-RECYCLING Switzerland in 2007. The two organisations have been working together against littering since 2004. Nonetheless, they sought to support activities against littering on a larger scale. The intention was to create an open platform in the campaign against littering and to interest further partners from consumer-related segments and the recycling industry to carry out joint projects.

Students also used the Proximity Hotel Environmental Sustainable Practices website. This website offers examples of over 70 sustainable practices used by their hotels and restaurants such as using ultra efficient materials and the latest construction technology buildings that use 39.2% less energy and using the sun’s energy to heat hot water with 100 solar panels covering the 4,000 square feet of rooftop (enough hot water for a hundred homes).

As part of the Mr. and Miss Green contest, a pile of rubbish was left outside of the student-run restaurant, Café Viennois to determine whether or not students would pick it up and put it into the recycling bins nearby. In addition, a Green Club desk was set up to answer students’ and faculty questions. Students also organized activities in The Club and some of the events included a recycling contest, a sweeping race and a quiz. Overall, students found the activities and information helpful and interesting and many of them admitted that this kind of information is necessary.

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