Acquiring and retaining the best talent is a challenge faced across every industry, not just hospitality. The emergence of the Millenial and Generation Z workforce has forced businesses to reinvent their recruitment approach, with a focus more on a work-life balance. At La Réserve Hotels, they are fully aware of the shift and have asked six Glion students to help them reach, and keep, new talent.

What is an Applied Business Project?

The collaboration is a part of the BBA students’ final year Applied Business Project (ABP), giving them real-world learning experience. ABPs are open to all businesses that have a goal to achieve and would benefit from Glion student support. Far from being theoretical, the project focuses on a real business problem or challenge – La Réserve Geneva expects actionable solutions from students Ekaterina, Amro, Horo, Jian, Yiru and Syao.

Who are La Réserve?

Founded by Michel Reybier, La Réserve is a realised vision of luxury through a portfolio of highly individual properties across Europe. Their hotels, residences and spas are found in exclusive locations and run by highly-skilled management teams, many containing Glion alumni.

What is the aim of the ABP?

Amelie Taroni, HR Manager at La Réserve Geneva, explains the challenge the hotel chain, and wider hospitality industry, is facing. “In HR, we have an issue with knowing how to retain certain talents and how to have more applicants during the recruitment process”, she said.

“The students are working on solving this problem by pointing out and looking for new advantages that we can offer to the employees: how can we sell La Réserve better through some employee advantages.”

What is your first impression of the students?

In the luxury hotel sector, first impressions count for a lot. La Réserve prides itself on rethinking luxury and delivering exceptional levels of refinement, all of which must be evident from booking through to check-out. The Glion students are delivering an equal level of professionalism, as Amelie explained.

“The students are very serious and they asked a lot of questions which shows that they are very interested in the project. After the meeting, they made the resumé of the discussion and they explained the way that they will be looking for a solution”, she said.

“We have received a first report from them with the questions that they have asked and objectives that they fixed, and we reviewed this during the next meeting at the end of November.”

‘Glion is part of our company

Glion graduates have been shaping the hospitality industry and holding leadership positions in prestigious brands since 1962. La Réserve is one such brand already benefiting from Glion education. “Choosing Glion students was a very political decision for us. Our General Manager is Glion alumnus, the daughter of the owner is Glion alumna, so Glion is part of our company. A lot of our managers are from Glion, so they did not hesitate to find a project for the students.”

Even with a strong connection to Glion, La Réserve Geneva expects actionable results from the students to help them reinforce their employer brand. “From the students, we expect an analysis of the problem and not just a report. We expect them to find solutions.”

If you are a business and would like to collaborate with Glion students, get in touch with us. And in the meantime, read the students perspective on ABPs to discover their methodologies and how they’re delivering a talent sourcing solutions for companies like Relais & Châteaux, IFF or UEFA.

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