Le Bellevue, one of Glion Institute of Higher Education’s new state-of-the-art restaurants, recently hosted an exclusive champagne event. With our experts and industry partners in attendance, the event demonstrated the expertise of our award-winning sommeliers and chefs.

The right menu

The event, which took place on Thursday 19 April, saw 50 esteemed guests fill Le Bellevue. In attendance was Julien Marietti, who represented La Maison Ruinart, the oldest established champagne house in the world, now owned by luxury brand LVMH. Julien provided the different types of champagne for the evening.

While usually the choice of drink would be paired with the dishes, for this event the concept was slightly different. Julien proposed the champagnes, and from that our chefs prepared dishes to go with them. The menu included Brittany coast crab, veal tenderloin and, for dessert, raspberries and pure Caribbean chocolate.

Our Glion sommeliers, Réza Nahaboo and Fabien Méne, were on hand to explain why certain wines were matched with certain dishes. Both Réza and Fabien boast amazing credentials – Réza was awarded the Best Sommelier of Switzerland for 2016, with Fabien claiming runner-up. Both have extensive sommelier experience within some of Switzerland’s finest hotels.

Matching the dishes

For the dishes, our sommeliers paired a range of wines. For example, the veal tenderloin was combined with a Vin Jaune due to its “thick structure allowing to be paired with such a delicate white meat.” The dessert, on the other hand, would “flourish when combined with rosé wine.”

About Le Bellevue

The champagne event is just one of many exciting experiences associated with Le Bellevue. On Thursday 24 May, the restaurant is hosting an exclusive dinner experience, featuring the luxurious cognac brand Louis XIII. The event will highlight the uniqueness of Louis XIII, while giving you the opportunity to sample it with some delicious dishes. The event will begin at 6.30pm.

Situated above Montreux, Le Bellevue offers stunning food and a panoramic view of Lake Geneva. The restaurant boasts contemporary furniture and Belle Époque décor, as well as a luxury lounge-style bar offering a great selection of wine and cocktails. Le Bellevue is open Monday to Friday, with lunch available from 12 – 2.30pm, and dinner from 7 – 11.30pm. If you are interested in making a reservation, please contact

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