Glion Networking Committee organizes events every semester where they bring industry leaders on-campus to share their knowledge with the students. The objective of these conferences is to give students the possibility to learn, gain valuable industry contacts and understand the importance of strong networks. They also reinforce the school’s positioning as a leader in hospitality, luxury and other business industries. One Glion Ambassador, Sofiya, tells us more about her impressions from the conference.

We all strive to be the best version of ourselves we can be: confident, successful, healthy, wealthy and happy. However, not everyone has ever thought that in order to achieve these goals, the social aspect in life is very important: knowing how to interact with people, establish contacts, and, namely, network.

An essential career building skill

Hospitality industry professionals meet people from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives every day, engaging with them and applying effective communication techniques. Glion contributes to the development of networking skills as they are key to success and a great strength to have in order to progress not only in a career, but achieve personal goals as well.

With this in mind, and with the goal of getting insight of current trends and challenges within the hospitality industry while making meaningful connections, what better way to learn than hosting a networking conference with industry leaders on the campus?

Meeting industry leaders

The Glion Networking conference has now become a tradition. Each semester it welcomes students, guest speakers, alumni and industry professionals and on November 15th, 2018 it opened its doors for the third time. It provides students with a great opportunity for their future career pathway to connect with industry leaders, create strong connections and develop networking competences, which is the great start to success.

This time, the conference emphasized interesting topics that are in actuality nowadays: Innovation vs Tradition, Big Companies and Sustainability, and Market Luxury with the guest speakers coming from within the industry.

For students it was a pleasure to be a part of public talk with industry leaders from companies such as Ritz Carlton Geneva, Marriott International, Hyundai and many others. Moreover, one of the speakers was Glion alumnus Phillip Thomas Muhr, CEO of Hallstein Artesian Water, who shared his view on the luxury market.

It was an amazing example of how Glion students implement their knowledge gained in Glion into the creation of their own company of luxury products, luxury water in this case, thereby inspiring fellow students for going beyond the limits and create not only luxurious, but sustainable products as well.

An amazing support ‘network’

Nothing would have happened if the Networking Committee had not organized the event. On behalf of all students, I would like to express gratitude to the Networking Committee team and all the people without whom the event would not take place.

Being a part of the public talk has motivated students to not be stuck at the moment but to do and go out to take chances and face challenges, and to always educate themselves and grow. It is a big responsibility to be leaders of tomorrow and a great motivation to learn from the best industry leaders.

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