It’s no accident that Glion chose London for its first campus outside Switzerland. The city is, quite simply, the world’s favorite destination.

Glion Student Ambassador Hannah Marie Tatam has been studying for her Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Business at our London campus, so she knows the city very well. Here are some of Hannah’s top reasons why studying in London is amazing.

London is a great study destination for many reasons. Since the city is a major capital and well-known for luxury, it gives us a wonderful opportunity to experience true hospitality, luxury and tourism.

London is a very busy city and there are lots of things going on every day of the week. There is always something to see and do, whether you are on a budget or want to splurge. The opportunities are endless!

London is one of the most visited cities in the world, and for good reason. It has something to offer for everyone, such as great food options, culture, history and art. London is truly a magical and cosmopolitan city that is so diverse and rich in culture – all of which makes it one of the most international cities.

Living in London is a multicultural experience and this is reflected in the many amazing restaurants, street food stands and markets where the options never seem to end. You will find any cuisine you can think of!

A green dream

London is also one of the ‘greenest’ major cities, featuring many beautiful parks that allow you to escape the busy city life from time to time. Very close to Glion campus you’ll find Richmond Park, which is a lovely area with lush green landscapes and deer roaming the grasslands.

On a professional level, Glion London has provided us with the opportunity to visit major shows like the Restaurant Show and the Independent Hotel Show, where students can network and gain industry insights, as well as learning about new trends and products.

Studying here also means experiencing a ‘real’ campus life, since Glion London is located within the campus grounds of the University of Roehampton. The university offers lots of different activities, which Glion students have full access to. These include sports, societies and much more. Students have the option to stay on campus or live off campus in the bustling district of Vauxhall, which is centrally located and offers easy access to major tourist sites all located nearby.

To conclude, London offers it all! From walking around the bustling city by day, to wining and dining and finishing the night off with a West End show. But don’t just take my word for it.

Why not come and experience London for yourself, and make your own reasons to fall in love with this city!

· Find out more about our London campus and the study options offered there.

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