Insights from one of Italy’s iconic luxury fashion brands

Glion’s Luxury Brand Management specialization was built based on the criteria and advice of leaders from the luxury industry. As a growing number of brands were coming to recruit our graduates, the specialization was a natural next step to give the industry what it needs.

As such, our courses bring leaders from the luxury industry to impart industry-specific knowledge through conferences, lectures, and atelier visits. For this semester, Glion was honored to welcome Stefano Dominella, President of Gattinoni, an Italian luxury fashion brand that has been favored by film stars and royalty for decades.

Expert advice on skills for luxury brand management careers

In the luxury fashion industry that is becoming more and more globalized and ubiquitous, Gattinoni has stayed true to its heritage and remains one of the only Italian fashion houses to be owned by an Italian designer, our guest Mr. Dominella.

During a visit to Glion and Bulle campuses, Mr. Dominella led a seminar and spoke to students about his experience in Italy’s iconic luxury fashion industry and offered advice on leadership in luxury brands. It was apparent that he is passionate about the brand, luxury and very keen to share his views on good managerial skills and how he manages to keep the company in Italy.

About his impressions of Glion, he said: “Sono molto impressionato,” which means “I’m very impressed”.

A visit to the Gattinoni Atelier

Following this visit, Glion organized a unique and exclusive event at the Gattinoni Atelier for students who are interested in the Luxury Brand Management degree specialization.

The event started in the afternoon at the Gattinoni Atelier, a beautiful high ceiling old flat in the center of Rome. Mr. Dominella gave a speech followed by a presentation on Glion by Vana Saade, Regional Admissions Director, and Jini Heller, Glion faculty member on the Luxury Brand Management specialization.

During and after the workshop, students had the opportunity to interact and address their questions to Mr. Dominella and Glion staff. The event has created awareness of the Glion brand and its’ Luxury Brand Management courses by appearing in the Italian media, including Impresa Mia, Hotelmypassion, Solo Agevolazioni, Gisella Peana, Il Peana, Vincenzo Chierchia – Blog II Sole 24 Ore, The Walkman and The Fashion Coffee by blogger Martina who also attended the event.

A brief history of Gattinoni

  • Fernanda Gattinoni was born in 1906. She worked at the London fashion house Molyneux, a royal household brand.
  • She gave up her post with Coco Chanel and returned to Italy.
  • In 1946, she opened her own atelier in Rome and attracted film stars: Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, Kim Novak, Liz Taylor and many more.
  • She designed the famous style of Empire wedding dresses in 1960. Her customers included Jackie Kennedy and Princess Margaret of England.
  • In the 1980’s her son Raniero made steps to globalize the brand.
  • After Raniero’s death, Stefano Dominella became the president of the fashion house and Guillermo Mariotto directs art, both working closely with Madame Gattinoni.
  • In 2001, Fernanda Gattinoni received the Lupa Prize, she died the following year
  • The brand kept growing managed by her son, new designers were employed following to guidelines of Gattinoni.
  • The Maison Gattinoni archive was officially designated as a work of “Italian Cultural Heritage” in 2009.

Skills for the Future of the Luxury Industry

Change is coming to the luxury industry, and the future will be full of disruptive innovations. Trends such as multi-channel shopping, cashless payments, augmented reality and the rise of spending power among generations Y and Z will completely change the luxury experience as we know it.

The good news is that these changes are expected to place consumers even more at the center of all major business processes for luxury brands. So over the next ten years, the key to winning in the “Luxury 2.0” will be a diligent focus on three essential luxury brand management principles: superior customer experience; flawless retail management and people excellence.

Our specialization is all about injecting hospitality culture into the luxury industry and developing the right skills: soft skills, interpersonal abilities and flair for languages that are highly valuable in all industries that serve sophisticated clients.

Learn more about the Luxury Brand Management specialization.

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