What is luxury to you? A brand that exudes desire and exclusivity? A sumptuous, beautifully appointed hotel room? Maybe even a private jet or superyacht?

At Glion, luxury is an essential part of the curriculum. For graduate students, there’s a dedicated Master’s in Luxury Management and Guest Experience; while for undergraduates Luxury Brand Management in Hospitality is one of the final semester specializations which – from a career standpoint – give the Glion BBA an edge over rival programs.

Barbara Czyzewska heads this particular specialization. A published author and experienced academic, who holds a PhD in Hospitality Management, Barbara led the Luxury Hospitality Management program at the University of West London before coming to Glion.

“When we talk about luxury hospitality, it’s important to remember that we’re not referring only to hotels,” she says. “What students learn in this specialization is a much broader range of skills, which can be perfectly applied in retail, in transportation such as private jets, in tourism destination management, luxury cruises… the list is almost endless.”

These multiple facets to luxury are what drew BBA student Marco Ma both to Glion and to this particular specialization. He says, “Through this course I was able to interpret luxury not just as something specific or materialistic, like a product. Luxury can be anything; it could be a dream; it could be an experience… and this is something we’ve learned a lot about – how do luxury brands formulate the so-called dream equation?”

The building blocks of luxury knowledge

As Barbara explains, the course itself is taught in a series of interrelated blocks. “We start with understanding the general economics of the luxury sector; then we move on to marketing, and how this relates to luxury hospitality in all its forms. Another course focuses specifically on the luxury hospitality brand, while a further block of topics looks at service excellence, and how to deliver perfectly tailored, holistic experiences to clients.”

Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated element of the specialization is the study trip, which takes students off campus and directly into the world of luxury. The most recent trip was to the Italian fashion capital, Milan.

“We had a choice of which hotels we could visit,” says Marco Ma. “My agenda included Principe di Savoia, the Excelsior Milan, the Armani Hotel and Park Hyatt. It was a really great experience to see how different each of these 5* hotels is to one another.”

Students complete the specialization with a project to create a new and innovative brand experience that directly relates to a real-world luxury brand. Working in groups, they can apply the knowledge they’ve built throughout the semester to create a workable proposal, which they then present to a panel of judges.

“This is a really engaging element for the students, because they get to discuss various ideas, justify their choices and make recommendations that are specific to the brands they are looking at,” says Barbara.

· Discover more about the Luxury Brand Management in Hospitality specialization, plus the other final semester specializations open to Glion BBA students.


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