Want to have an amazing summer filled with unforgettable activities? The Glion Summer Experienceprovides you with an intensive but exciting two weeks in Switzerland and London. Not only does it give you a solid introduction to the world of hospitality, it also provides you with the chance to gain hands-on skills, enjoy field trips to amazing landmarks and make friends from many different cultures.

Three of our students – Giorgio Marchetti, Arthur de Buysscher and Orianne Begon – enjoyed the Summer Experience programme so much they enrolled straight on to our Bachelor’s programme. Below, they tell us why the Summer Experience is the perfect gateway to a full-time hospitality course.

Choosing the programme

Giorgio, Arthur and Orianne were all familiar with Glion prior to discovering the Summer Experience programme. However, Orianne’s route was slightly different. “I found out about the programme almost accidentally,” she said. “I attended a workshop organised by Glion in 2016. At the end of the day, two places for the Summer Experience programme were given away, and my name was read out. I was really surprised but also excited, as I knew it would be an amazing experience.

At the start of the programme, I was 90 per cent sure that I wanted to study a Bachelor’s at Glion… the Summer Experience made me certain.

Arthur and Giorgio discovered the programme by browsing Glion’s website, but had different reasons for applying. “I saw that it involved different aspects of the hospitality industry,” Giorgio said. “The Summer Experience programme gave me the opportunity to ensure hospitality was the industry I wanted to pursue.” Arthur, meanwhile, used the Summer Experience programme to confirm Glion’s BBA programme was the right choice for him. “I wanted to make sure this was the Bachelor’s course I wanted to do,” he said.

The benefits

Both Giorgio and Orianne enjoyed getting to explore London’s many attractions. “I had never been on the London Eye before,” Giorgio said. “The view was amazing.” Orianne was equally impressed by what the capital city had to offer. “We visited the Jumeirah Carlton Tower, which was wonderful,” she said. “We also got to see Wicked on the West End and visited Stamford Bridge, Chelsea FC’s stadium.”

In terms of activities, the trio have individual highlights. “We had to organise a lunch around the theme of Wimbledon, the tennis tournament,” Orianne said. “We were separated into different departments, including marketing, finance, and food and beverage. Chefs helped us to create the menu, but we had to prove our creativity and energy, and only had four days to prepare everything.”

Giorgio enjoyed the mocktail class the most. “Not only was it interesting, it was interactive,” he said. “We had the chance to prepare our own signature mocktail and compete with other students to see who made the best one.” Arthur found the classes to be equally as thrilling as the activities. “You’re not just sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher explaining everything,” he said. “You get to work in teams on different assignments.”

Staying with Glion

Arthur was inspired to continue his Glion studies due to the multicultural environment. “I love to make new friends, especially when they’re all from different parts of the world,” he said. “Plus, we can all learn from the different nationalities on campus.” Orianne feels the programme reassured her hospitality was the right career choice. “It gave me confirmation that I want to have a career in hospitality,” she said.

Giorgio believes embarking on the Summer Experience programme confirmed Glion was the right school for him. “At the start of the programme, I was 90 per cent sure that I wanted to study a Bachelor’s at Glion,” he said. “The Summer Experience made me certain.” Orianne was also convinced. “My plan was always to study a Bachelor’s degree in hospitality, but I didn’t know which school to choose,” she said. “That’s when I fell in love with Glion. The Summer Experience programme convinced me.”

Gaining the right skills

Giorgio feels the Summer Experience helped him prepare for the Bachelor’s programme. “I believe it gave me the social skills needed,” he said. “It taught me to overcome the anxiety of being so far away from home. The Summer Experience programme gave me the preparation I needed, and I now have friends from all over the world.”

Orianne agrees. “The Summer Experience programme will give you the tools needed to enter the programme,” she said. “It improved my language skills, making me more able to communicate with others. If you enrol on Glion’s Summer Experience, by the time it comes to applying for the Bachelor’s you will already feel at home and will see plenty of familiar faces. Also, you will already have the Glion spirit inside you.

“Believe me, you will not be disappointed.”

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