At Glion, we have a range of staff members with the title ‘MOF’ after their name, but what does it actually mean? MOF is a term used to describe the long-running award Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, which in English means ‘one of the best craftsmen in France’. In the world of hospitality and culinary arts, the MOF title is a prestigious mark of quality. Contestants face fierce competition, and have to show absolute perfection in their chosen field in order to win.

The MOF Competition: Serious Hospitality and Culinary Expertise

The MOF competition was created in 1924, and is held every four years in France. Organized and recognized by the French Ministry of Labor, it includes a variety of specialisms.

The competition is a serious commitment. Chantal Wittmann, Senior Lecturer at Glion, won the MOF accolade in 2011 for her work in service and table arts. Chantal originally signed up for the competition in 2009, and spent a year rigorously studying and training. She reached the finals in 2011.

“I am convinced that, in addition to the work I did and the experience I had, it was my pleasure in participating that allowed me to win the competition,” Chantal said. “That’s the lesson I tell my students – be pleased with what you are doing and you will be good at it.”

The Profile of a MOF

Some of France’s finest chefs and restaurant owners have been MOF winners. Paul Bocuse won the competition in 1961 and made a significant impact on the culinary world, serving presidents and innovating dishes. Creating the Bocuse d’Or Award, it’s one of France’s most prestigious culinary awards.

Prior to joining Glion as a Senior Lecturer in 2017, Chantal Wittmann accumulated over 30 years of teaching experience within the hospitality sector. Over the years, she has coached students for competitions and taught a range of subjects. She specializes in floral art.

MOFs at Glion – Learning from the Best

MOFs have learnt from some of the finest craftsmen across the globe, and in turn teach their students the same valuable knowledge. Students often follow in their teachers’ footsteps and become MOF winners themselves. The education field seeks out MOF winners for their wealth of knowledge and expertise.

At Glion, we boast a professional team of Practical Arts Instructors, many of whom are MOF winners. They all have exceptional backgrounds in their chosen fields, and form a formidable team. They include:

  • Chantal Wittmann, Maître d’hôtel Gastronomic Restaurant, MOF Service
  • Dominique Toulousy, Head Chef Gastronomic Restaurant, MOF Cuisine
  • Fabien Foare, Executive Chef , Director of Food Production, MOF Traiteur
  • Benoit Carcenat, Advisor Culinary Arts, MOF Cuisine

Together, these MOF winners share their passion and expertise with the next generation of hospitality leaders. Chantal acknowledges the MOF for boosting her career. “The title is, above all, wonderful recognition from my peers,” she said. “I’ve done a conference in Kuala Lumpur, participated in a seminar in Shanghai, and acted on committees and juries for various awards.”

Practical Arts in Hospitality Management Degrees

Hospitality management requires a balanced set of hard skills and soft skills in order to be successful. That is why Glion students spend a significant number of hours learning in hospitality environments, both on campus and in industry. Students get immersed into hospitality service areas, such as restaurants and receptions. As a result, you will understand every aspect of hotel and restaurant operations. This process is enhanced by the knowledge and passion of excellent professors.

As Chantal points out, “A curriculum that includes a lot of practice is perfect for young hospitality professionals. First of all, students learn to dress and speak well. That’s because communication is essential, spoken and unspoken.”

To find out more information about our MOF-winning staff, visit this page. To learn more about our Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degrees, see the program pages on the links below.

Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality

Master’s Degree in Hospitality Business

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