Floorball is the most exciting sport you’ve never heard of. Think indoor hockey with more players and more adrenaline and you’re pretty much there. It’s a big deal, with over 320,000 registered players worldwide, 69 national federations and 30+ years of history, but what’s Floorball got to do with Glion?

From September 2018 to January 2019, a group of five current Glion students will be working with IFF remotely from the Bulle campus to help take the sport to the next level. Specifically, they’ll be looking at fan profiles, brand values and how Floorball can increase its appeal to corporate sponsors. And it’s all part of Glion’s Applied Business Project (ABP), giving students genuine business experience thorough strong industry relationships.

The Glion Applied Business Project (ABP)

The ABP provides undergraduate students with an applied learning experience in the real world, usually in the form of a business consulting project. The ABP is a capstone project for final year students on the BBA Hospitality Business program with a focus on one of the three specializations:
– Luxury Brand Management in Hospitality
– International Hotel Concepts and Finance
– International Event Management

The focus of the capstone research is on creating solutions to a real business problem, challenge or need and assisting industry partners in achieving a business goal. Students work on their projects with the guidance of Glion faculty who have expertise in the area of the project.

The International Floorball Federation (IFF)

As the head organization of world Floorball, IFF´s core mission is to promote, develop and further Floorball at every possible level of the game. Far from being a niche sport, the IFF was founded in Huskvarna, Sweden in 1986 and is a full member of IOC (International Olympic Committee), ordinary member of GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federations) and member of the European Sponsorship Association (ESA).

Floorball is growing fast, which is great, but with growth comes challenges. To meet the increasing international needs across marketing and sport development, the IFF needs more funding. The main revenue channels for the IFF are the membership fees, participation fees, material approval income and sponsorship agreements. It’s developing more reach in the latter, which is the area five Glion students are working on.

Glion students work to boost corporate sponsorship

For many years the federation has been working with sport-specific sponsor partners, however a broader base of financing is now necessary and steps to find main sponsors have been ongoing for some time. The general purpose of the student’s project is to research the values represented by Floorball fans to identify a set of values which can be matched against corporate values.

Floorball fans profile

– Sex: 70% male / 30% female
– Age: mainly between 13-34
– Active on social media

By creating a common value-base, the IFF will have a highly accurate profile of the typical Floorball fan, which they can then market to corporate sponsors.

‘A motivating real-life project for the students’

Tero Kalsta, IFF Sales Coordinator, commented: “I’m glad to be working with these students. They are very enthusiastic and hungry for knowledge, asking a lot of questions. This is a win-win set up where we provide a motivating real-life project for the students, while we can profit from highly-needed data to support our sponsorship sales”.

The students must deliver

The kick-off for the project was in mid-September, with the final report to be handed in by January 2019. As part of the research, the five Glion students will prepare a questionnaire to map Floorball fan values. The survey will also be sponsored by HMD Global, manufacturer of Nokia phones, by donating handsets to be drawn as prizes among survey participants.

Close relationships with seven national Floorball federations will see the research gathering data from an international cross-section of fans. This is essential: as the sport is global, so will the businesses be that are targeted as potential sponsors.

We’ll be sharing progress on this project – and all Applied Business Projects – through our social media accounts, so follow us to see how the students are doing. And if you love the sound of Floorball, watch the video bellow to see it in action.

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