This month, MBA students present their commissioned research projects (applied Business Projects) to Kempinski hotels and Hyatt hotels. These projects with a stable partner enable the academic institution to continually build on operational and theoretical knowledge and expertise. The Applied Business Project is a capstone project where students have the opportunity to demonstrate key Master level learning outcomes. Students work with industry professionals to propose solutions to real life, real time problems using qualitative and quantitative investigation.

Topics studied are labelled by the partner as ‘useful to know’ rather than a “business risk”. Students follow action research guidelines on a nominated project over 9 months. They then submit a graded management report to the industry partners and decision makers. Students develop their individual contribution into a graded individual management report. Commissioned projects such as these are gateways where students can demonstrate their ability to apply their academic discipline to a real time problem in an organizational setting and work in a team with designated managers on work based problems.

Topics this year for Kempinski include an assessment of the Kempinski Management training program by four students and a study comparing luxury in Kempinski and the hospitality industry generally with luxury industries as a whole by another 5 students.

For Hyatt, a different set of 10 students working in two groups are also reviewing their corporate training program.

The scheme is organised by Peter Juskiw and Henri Kuokkanen who accompany students to the Swiss headquarters of the Hotel chains for the presentations to the managers involved in the studies.

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