As I mentioned in my previous blog, the last few weeks have been very tiring and stressful, which is why everyone was very excited to be going on their first mid-term break and within hours the campus resembled an almost completely uninhabited area. At the same time, the train stations and the airport in Geneva became the new gathering spots for most of the students and you were certain to see a lot of familiar faces in these places, faces which belonged to people who were just as eager as myself to go back home and reunite with family or friends or to go on a different trip and explore new countries and cultures.

The very practical location of Switzerland makes it rather easy to travel to places such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy or other nearby countries, which is what many students actually decided to do for their midterm break. Some of my friends went to Spain, visited Madrid and Barcelona, others went to France, specifically Paris and enjoyed the beautiful monuments of this gorgeous city. Some people simply had some fun at Disneyland, others went to Italy, mainly to Rome, and relished the very special atmosphere this city has to offer and the list goes on and on.

Many others, such as myself, went home for this one week of vacation and enjoyed some time in familiar environments and with their loved ones. I was very happy, when my lovely family picked me up at the airport, where I had had to say a tearful goodbye to them just two months before and it just felt very surreal, when I began to think about all of the things in my life, which have happened and changed over such a small period of time.

These changes were obviously and gladly all very positive, but nevertheless it felt a bit awkward to suddenly be back at home. After a short adjustment period however, I began my obligatory and joyfully anticipated journey through my local town and the surrounding area, such as Cologne for example, where I visited all of my great friends and my family and was able to give a very detailed report of what has happened over the last weeks.

I always love spending time with my loved ones; nevertheless, it did not seem like I had not seen most of them for two months because Skype and other modern technology really facilitates everything and makes it easier to keep all of the relationships alive, which is how homesickness is kept to a minimum. Of course, I do have to mention that I am very lucky and fortunate not to have any time difference between Switzerland and Germany, which makes everything a lot less difficult.

After the week was over, I happily returned back to Glion, excited to see my second family again, because, in my opinion, a strong bond is formed between students here very quickly, as most students are far away from home and you spend a lot of time with one another.

So I hope you are now relieved to know, that there is a break in the semester and you do not have to work straight through until your internship and you might even have the opportunity to see your family again quite quickly, travel or simply stay on campus and relax for a while.

Personally I am now ready for the next worked-filled half of the semester and I am excited to be able to keep you informed about any new developments, which occur.

Having said that, I once again wish you a lovely week!


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