After weeks of anticipation I finally, along with over a hundred other new students, arrived at Glion Institute of Higher Education, which has already started to become and will continue becoming my new home.

Even though the process of adjusting to this new environment, far away from my oldest friends and my family, is a little overwhelming given the large amount of new impressions and information you have to take in during your first week (and also during the weeks to come I assume), it is a very exciting and amazing one.

The first week is mostly designed to introduce all of the new students to the main aspects of life in Glion. Upon arrival a lot of the formalities and administrative issues are dealt with (receiving your student ID, visiting the school nurse etc.) after which you get to see your new room. I personally share mine with a very lovely Chinese girl, so I am indeed immensely lucky to have someone like her as a roommate.

After the first introductions were made, I went to dinner with some of the friendly people who I had met throughout the day. And I can honestly assure you that from the moment you arrive at the airport, everyone is very kind and welcoming.
During the next few days the so called ‘induction week’ took place. This induction includes getting an introduction to all of the main aspects of campus life, taking a Math and perhaps also an English test, learning about the university’s rules and regulations, getting an introduction to your courses and having the first meetings with the internship department. One of these days is preserved for an integration day, where you gather in small groups and play different games, reaching from karaoke competitions to anagram solving, in order to explore the campus and to get to know more people. It really is a very enjoyable day. Then starting from Thursday the courses began and we got to know some of the friendly teachers, who really make an effort to interest you in their course and who help you to feel at ease about taking these courses, because a lot of support is offered.

Furthermore, we have to start revising all of our internship documents directly during the first weekend and we get to select four of the amazing job offers for which we would like to apply.

So to sum-up, I can honestly tell you that I have definitely made the right decision coming to Glion, because from the moment you get here you are welcomed in a very open way, you are informed about everything in detail and I personally feel at the end of this week that I am surely on the right path and I would like to thank Ms. Anika Gaudian very much for helping me to get here.

I wish you all a very pleasant week and I will be sharing new information with you in a week’s time.


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