Hospitality is ranked among the top 10 industries in which to start a business. It’s a world of opportunities that enterprising Glion students are keen to tap into.

And now these budding entrepreneurs have an important source of help and advice on campus, with the launch of a student-led Start-up Committee.

“Having an entrepreneurial spirit creates optimism, allows for inspiration and instils the knowledge that we can make a positive impact on the world around us. The Start-up Committee is all about boosting that spirit,” says committee member Lim-Lim Kobe.

In all, some 13 Glion Master’s students have taken roles on the committee. Their ambition is to create a platform for their fellow students to build and grow game-changing business ideas. They will also create opportunities to connect with industry professionals.

Committee President Sachindra Murugesh explains, “We bridge the gap between enterprising students and industry stakeholders. Through this initiative we hope to help incubate innovative and disruptive ideas that solve problems at scale.”

Adds Vice President Alfredo Araiza, “This committee offers students an opportunity to build the next Big Idea in the hospitality industry.”

The committee is already planning a host of activities, including pitching fairs, conferences and visits from influential guest speakers. Committee members will also offer advice in areas such as finance and budgeting, social media and networking.

According to committee member Sarah Fan, there will also be a push to ‘globalize’ opportunities for Asian students. “I see a lack of participation among the Asian community in the Western world. Thus, we will be aiming to collaborate with our Asian students and offer support for their ideas,” she says.

Committee members themselves also stand to gain from the experience. Marie-Astrid Wille says it “gives me an additional goal and challenge to accomplish”; while Nikola Miljković joined “because I believe that it is an innovative and daring project”.

  • Stay tuned for more news and views from the Glion Start-up Committee in the coming months.

Meet the new Start-up Committee

Sachindra Muragesh – President
Alfredo Araiza – Vice President
Francesca Argento – Secretary
Josè Canudas – Executive Secretary
Christina Lemm – Head of F&B
Nikola Milikovic
– Event Coordinator

Abdullojon Rustamov – Administrator
Marie-Astrid Wille – Public Relations
David Gaillaud – Finance Coordinator
Emiel Danneels – Treasurer
Ilaria Zambelli – Marketing Coordinator
Delnaz Kabrajee – Communications
Milana Taraeva – Marketing Assistant
Sarah Fan – Social Media
Lim-Lim Kobe – Student Engagement & Sales

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