Hi my friends. How was your holiday and how was your first week that you have already finished on both campuses? I want to join you so much. But my time is gone. Glion is yours now. I hope everything is fine, especially my new friends. It’s always difficult at the beginning. But everything is going to be better soon. I’m sure you will enjoy the time in Glion.

I also have good news to tell today, I got a phone call yesterday about my job from Raffles Dubai. And it was a YES. They will offer me a job in Front Office. I am still feeling happy about that. It’s been almost three months since I started sending my CVs to hotels and other organizations, I’ll say it’s not easy to get one for me. I say that it’s difficult for me for two reasons: nationality and personal preference. I say that because personally, I want find a job outside of China, but on the other hand, for Chinese citizens we have limited countries where it is easy to get a work visa. So, in these months, I learned all kinds of words which have the same meaning,“NO”. To be honest, after I got the postgraduate diploma from Glion, it’s really hard to accept these rejection letters again and again. But I did not give up. I didn’t believe these political issues, I trust myself, and after one year of study and five months internship with Glion, I knew I would find a good place in the end….and I was right!

Now, I’m just waiting for the contract they are going send to me, and then I’ll be on my way. This is just the beginning of my career, I have no idea what is going on in the future, but I will believe in myself.

At the end, I want to say Happy New Year to the Chinese students. The Spring Festival is coming. In our culture, Spring Festival is our “Christmas day”, it’s the most important day throughout the whole year. This year, I’m lucky that I can stay at home to celebrate with all my families. But it’s not like that for the students who are on campus, so I wish all the best for you, Happy Chinese New Year!


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