Interning at New York Fashion Week is more than just event management.

A Glion ESE student interned at the New York Fashion Week in 2013, she explains how the program is teaching her the transferrable skills to succeed in the world’s most fashionable events.

As event management internships go, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is about as upscale as you can get. Katarina Vercelli, a bachelor degree student in the Event, Sport and Entertainment program, did her second internship at the 2013 NYFW as a Fashion PR Intern with the Starworks Group, where her responsibilities included:

• Backstage planning and on-site support at shows
• Press days and parties
• Merchandised showroom and liaised with editors and stylists
• Acted as a point of contact between stylists and PR account executives
• Managed delivery of press samples between showroom clients such as Temperley London, Vivienne Westwood, ASOS, Zimmerman, IRO, and magazines such as Vogue, Elle, GQ, Nylon, and Esquire*

The NYFW is a biannual affair held in New York City every February and September, and it’s happening right now, from September 4-11. Designers, celebrities, fashion media and other VIPs are gathering throughout New York City, to witness the fashion shows and other events that start off the global Fashion Month which rotates week-by-week through New York, Milan, Paris, Berlin and London.

To put it in perspective, New York Fashion Week is a truly enormous event:**

• 200,000: Average expected number of attendees in 2014.
• 260: Average number of runway shows during the weeklong event.
• 1,000,000: Amount designer Marc Jacobs reportedly shelled out for his 2011 runway show, according to The New York Times.
• 12,000,000: Overall amount spent on venue leases for shows and presentations each season.
• 850,000,000: Dollars infused into the New York economy during the week on hotel stays, restaurant visits and more.

Among those who benefit from the NYFW, there’s the venues, the stylists, the production and PR agencies, hair and makeup artists, models and celebrities. Fashion Show Producers are highly specialized event management companies, located in the fashion capitals around the world. As Katarina proved, this luxury event management sector requires talent with transferrable skills, not only experience in event management.

“I chose the Event, Sport and Entertainment Management program for the diverse applications of the program in the working world. You are trained in various fields such as event management, marketing, project management, facilities management, and business, and you can apply those transferrable skills in various industries. My first internship was with UEFA working with information services and VIP management. As well as being an information database for the host country, we served as one of the main points of contact for VIPs. My second internship was at a fashion PR agency in New York where I assisted in the showroom as well as on-site support for NY Fashion Week.

The BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) for ESE is quite comprehensive. In addition to general education courses that assist with business management, we also learn finance, project management, leadership, ethics and corporate responsibility, communications, value engineering, economics and law, and a variety of event- and marketing-related courses,” Katarina said.

For more information, visit our program page for BBA in Event, Sport and Entertainment Management.

*Vercelli, K. LinkedIn Profile
**Harris, A. (Thursday, September 4, 2014) Vancouver Sun. New York Fashion Week is a style Super Bowl

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