I left my house Friday afternoon after a nice lunch, as soon as I put all my suitcases in the car. It was a sunny day and I had around 3 hours of driving ahead to arrive in Montreux. Later that afternoon, I checked in at the Swiss Majestic Hotel in Montreux, which is a lovely hotel with a beautiful view of Lake Geneva, a very friendly staff, great service, and excellent food. There were less than 20 hours left to check in and to be officially at Glion Institute of Higher Education.

The following day, I woke up early in the morning. When I opened the windows, with some disappointment, I saw the gray and rainy sky all over the lake. The weather, however, did not put a damper on my excitement.

After breakfast, I was in the car on my way to school. I wanted to arrive there early, to be able to have plenty of time to check into the room, which would be my home for the following 6 months, and to get a chance to meet some people.

As hospitality students, we all know the importance of first impressions; since there is no second chance to make a good one. The first impression Glion gave me upon arrival has been great; friendly and genteel students, professors, and all the people involved in the long check-in process were absolutely fantastic. After the check-in, I finally was able to see my room.

My room is located in the Hotel des Alpes one of the residences in the Glion village; it appears to have been recently renovated in a simple, elegant and modern style. My room has a balcony and a stunning view over Lake Geneva and the French Alps.

Later that afternoon, I took the tour of the campus. The first person I met was Céline, a very friendly girl from Belgium. We decide to go to the ‘Club’ for a drink and after a while we met some people there. Afterwards, we decide to go that evening for some drinks at Paradise Bar, down in the Grande Rue in Montreux. We were a group of 15-20 people, from at least 12 different nationalities. Incredible isn’t it? Something like that can only happen in Glion!

Monday and Tuesday were induction days, and Wednesday I officially began with the courses. During those days I also started meeting my new classmates from class E32.
This weekend we will welcome the new students joining the school for their first semester at Glion Institute of Higher Education. We estimate we will reach maximum student occupancy. Next week we have a program for them called ‘Integration day’, where third semester students, are going to organize different activities around the campus.

For all those students travelling to Switzerland in the next coming days I wish you all a very pleasant journey and I’ll be seeing you on campus very soon.

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