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In school we were told to do a six-month internship in semester 2 and 5. Exceptionally, the semester 3 students this year was given the chance to participate in a one-week internship for an event. Welcomed by the General Manager of Steinberger hotel in Davos, I helped out in the World Economic Forum event from the 20th to 27th January.

I worked in the kitchen department for this one-week. I was in the cold kitchen then moved to pastry. It was quite fun but challenging as we had to work long hours such as 13 hours because everyone else was working 20 hours a day. This was a big event as important people were coming so the demand for quality was very high.

The people from our school were allocated in kitchen, service or in banquet. People in service or banquet met famous people such as Bill Gates, Psy and presidents from different countries. While people in kitchen are busy cutting, assisting, plating, creating canapés.

The banqueting had events up to five times a day and it was very interesting how they transform a swimming pool area to a jazz café. All the events were successful and the people had a fun time there.

In the kitchen there was a lot of people from all over the world such as India, Korea, Germany and everywhere from the same chain hotel. They all joined forces and worked long hours in order to make a successful event.

In conclusion, this was a very interesting and big event. I had quite an amazing experience for one week and it was a rare opportunity to work in this situation. I am thankful I met such amazing people and the group from Glion was very nice and diverse.


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