Studying at Glion gave Erwan Hartmann (BBA 2013) key transferrable skills, such as service excellence and communication. Specializing in Finance, he combined all of these attributes to enter the world of private banking. He now works for Pictet, one of the leading European independent wealth and asset managers.

Skills that count

“Quality of service is integral to a company’s success, particularly within the finance industry,” Erwan said. While studying at Glion, Erwan honed a host of soft skills – including communication, flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit – that have helped him succeed in the field of wealth management.

A background in hospitality

Erwan is convinced that his hospitality background is beneficial to his current role. “I do believe that hospitality students can bring strong input to the finance industry,” he said. “They possess a whole other set of skills, in comparison with classic business school students. Glion students have worked for some of the most luxurious hotel properties around the world. They know how to make a guest’s experience truly unique. No doubt this is a strong advantage when starting a career within the service industry.”

After graduating in 2013, Erwan began his career with Pictet as a Private Equity and Real Estate Financial Controller. “This position helped me gain a better knowledge of the banking industry,” he said. In 2015, he joined the wealth management division as a Private Banker.

Benefits of the Glion Alumni network

To Erwan, there are several benefits to being a Glion alumni. “You are part of a well-connected community with a strong diversity. You are opened to today’s world.”

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