The second semester of Glion London is following its course, in our dear Roehampton campus, just right next to the centre of this wonderful and teeming city. We are now about half way through, and I can guarantee you that our little lives have been pretty busy.

New students arrived, semester one and postgraduates, and they became rapidly part of our little community, as we are filled with so much Glion spirit by now. They arrived about three weeks ago, but we feel like they have always been on our side, as they integrated so well and so fast. We have already discovered a lot of London with them, but it takes way more than a semester to know all about this restless city.

The era of internship searching has come, and our entire class is now in complete turmoil. Some of the lucky ones already got their fate settled, some others have interviews coming up, and a lot of us are still, you know, working on it. Everybody has different rhythms but in any case, internships are flashing in every single Glion mind at the moment. We indeed have to decide in such a short amount of time the destiny of our next semester, it could be literally anywhere on this planet, and I have to say that this is actually very exciting, even though maybe a bit overwhelming and stressful. We could have taken care of our internships before, you would say, we were warned, yes we were, but a wise man once said you grow from making your own mistakes.

The farandole of London experience organized by Glion set off again as well, giving us more opportunities for new experiences to open our minds. A couple of weeks ago we got the chance to see a very impressive show from Le Cirque du Soleil, Quidam. The wonderful live music and clever acrobats changed the image I had of circus, which was for me at the time relatively limited to more or less exotic animals and scary clown faces full of cheese cake. We also had the opportunity to meet former active Glion students in the Kia Oval, a cricket stadium. This alumni reunion permitted us to learn about their experiences, their current position, receive advice and directions. We were as well able to present them our new campus. Some of them were so enthusiastic they went to Roehampton, eager to find out about the new generation of Glion students evolving there.

There you have an overview of our British lives, it is tea time soon so I am unfortunately going to have to leave you with these thoughts, but you can expect a new inspiring article very soon.

Lorraine Morisson – Glion London

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