Public speaking is an essential part of your studies here at Glion, as well as in your career in the future. From speeches to presentations – many people struggle with public speaking, finding themselves nervous speaking in front of a large audience. To help ease your nerves, here are some tips to help you be more confident.

1. Prepare ahead of time

Make sure your presentation is well prepared ahead of time to support your message. Often, using bullet points can cause us to read off the slide or paper and overusing bullet points on a presentation can cause us to be overwhelmed and bore the audience. Instead, try using a single readable sentence to complement your speech. Simple visuals can engage the audience more. Preparing your message ahead of time will improve your self-assurance.

2. Practice is key

Practicing your speech ahead of time will significantly boost your confidence. Going over your material will help you concentrate on the message you are trying to deliver to your audience.

3. Be aware of your body language

Public speaking can be a very stressful activity for some people; in turn we tend to express reserved body language when presenting. Slouching or crossing your arms when speaking can take away from the message you are trying to convey to your audience. Instead, try practicing “High-Power” poses such as expanding yourself and straightening your posture. Our strong nonverbals express power and dominance to the audience.

4. Be clear and concise

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler” – Albert Einstein

Avoid using terms that the audience would not understand and focus on communicating your message without compromising the ideas. For more difficult concepts – try using metaphors, examples, stories, or analogies to help deliver your message clearly.

5. Practice your tone of voice

Our fear of presenting in front of a large audience can often be expressed through our tone of voice. This can distract and lose the viewer’s attention. Make sure you slow down, adjust your volume, and annunciate your words! Be aware of the pitch in your voice to avoid monotone speech.

By following these tips, you can be more confident in public speaking and be better prepared for your upcoming presentations. Good luck!

Malika Ira Keshu, Student Ambassador

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