Whether you are entering hospitality or another industry, the competition is always fierce. You have to ensure you have a range of skills in order to stand out from the crowd. But in this day and age, what qualities do employers look for? What skills can you gain that will boost your career potential?

Soft and hard skills

Modern employers will want you to lead rather than follow. They will want you to bring exciting ideas, cutting-edge concepts and key insight to the table. To be able to do this, it requires the right combination of soft and hard skills. In terms of the latter, strong knowledge, attention-to-detail and experience are key.

However, soft skills are becoming more and more vital. Soft skills such as communication, teamwork, creativity and flexibility are equally as important as hard skills. Furthermore, in the world of hospitality such skills can make a positive difference to a range of aspects, including guest satisfaction.

According to a recent NACE survey, 80 per cent of employers are looking for leaders who can work as part of a team.

First-hand experience

In an increasingly competitive job market, experience is essential. It’s important to build your first-hand experience through internships, a part-time job or volunteering. Studying at Glion will enable you to embark on two internships with hospitality organizations. This means that when you graduate, you have considerable experience of the workplace and have gained some valuable contacts.

First-hand experience means you get a real taste of what a job is like, working face-to-face with customers and taking on a range of tasks. Additionally, it allows you to sample a job and see if it is the right role for you.

Internships are beneficial as they also give you the chance to see the world. You can gain experience of different cultures and take on different challenges, all the while giving your CV some individuality. At Glion, internships are a core element of our Bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Business; our alumni graduate with one year of work experience across both the customer engagement and management aspects of the hospitality industry.

Be punctual

Employers need to know they can trust you. A contributing factor to this is being punctual. However, this is not just about showing up on time. Punctuality is all about achieving deadlines, ensuring projects arrive at the scheduled date and being ready for the next challenge. In the world of hospitality, guests constantly crave service that is efficient and timely. Keeping someone waiting, whether it be an employer or a customer, can create a negative effect on the whole business.

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