In her previous role, Natalya Malysheva ’15 (MBA in Hospitality) played a part in hiring new graduates for management position and she learned some things along the way.

“Hiring people changes your outlook, I’ve been handling a lot of CVs, recruiting for corporate positions and I’ve learned to see the difference in CVs even before I get to the education section. Between undergraduate and graduate level candidates, there’s a strong difference. The bachelor graduate’s CV is more often a basic format, whereas masters’ holding candidates are more creative and professional.”

She summarized 4 basic tips for graduates looking for a position:

1. Show confidence and creativity

“Sometimes the CVs and letters are all the same, the letters list so many things they sound desperate, and not really convincing writing. Master’s candidates should have the confidence to put their best achievements and skills forward without making a laundry list of responsibilities and basic skills.”

2. Proofread for mistakes

“Sometimes I’ve seen master’s graduates who send letters or CVs with mistakes, and I would never consider hiring one of them. Errors in spelling and capitalization are unprofessional in a CV or motivation letter and they should never occur for an MBA graduate.”

3. Make a connection

“We get a lot of letters, but it’s not always the best way to find a job. HR professionals can be approached in other ways and candidates should try to speak with them to show their motivation, their desire to work for the company, and their willingness to take a risk. It’s better to make a connection directly; make a phone call, meet people at industry fairs, or go on site and ask if you can speak with someone directly. ”

4. Be Yourself

“While your CV and letter should reflect a personal touch, this is especially important for the interview. Be honest and open about your skills, your ambitions and what you want from your career. In my experience, I had a manager ask me what I didn’t want and I was honest when I said I hate being micro-managed. So when the day came that he tried to micro-manage me, I could push back and refer back to this moment. It’s so important to be sincere and honest, recruiters can sense hesitations and insecurities and they judge accordingly.”

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