2013 marked the official launch of the clouding service offered by telecom companies and other major hardware and software providers. Smart marketing campaigns have been launched to try and convince users of the benefits of reaching any files, from anywhere.

Such a nice promise, clouding could be the solution to accessing your data from your laptop or your mobile device without having to worry about storage capacity limitations. And even better for people who are afraid of a hard disk crash, your valuable information will be stored in a huge chilled data storage farm somewhere in the world, an account which is waiting for you to fill up.

Could the strategy behind this service be to reduce the size of the next generation devices as well as generating a need for consumers to regularly upload their cloud accounts?

At the moment, it’s free, but when the client has to upgrade to a larger storage capacity with applicable maintenance charges, of course there will be expenses.

Use the Cloud to store some music or low-interest info, why not? But what about more precious personal data?

And this is where the question must be asked: are you ready to send your family photos or any private files to these operators with no idea what they will do with?

Those in favor of the Cloud say that your data will be converted into bits (1 and 0) since there is no interest in looking into it. Those who are against it, raise the flag, and refer to the recent spying stories covered by the media.

Keep in mind that, most probably, your computer is already infested with plenty of cookies to track down your internet habits. Of course, it is totally by pure coincidence that you will find advertising banners related to your hobbies or interests when surfing on the web. Just imagine what they could do with direct access to your private data?

So before throwing out your external hard disk that you use for back in the event of an IT crash, ask yourself the following question: what is the value of my personal photos? And what will happen if your cloud account becomes infested, corrupted, hacked, or even worse, damaged?

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