In an age where the traditional recruitment model has turned on its head, employers are struggling to adjust to the shifting talent landscape. In their final semester Applied Business Project (ABP), six Glion BBA students are helping luxury hotel brand, La Réserve, ensure that they’re able to attract the very best Millennial and Generation Z talent.

What is an ABP?

The ABP is part of the final year of the Glion BBA in International Hospitality Business. Students take part in a real-world business project, working remotely with a business to deliver a strategic, marketing or operational goal. The reward for students is the opportunity to gain real-world experience before graduation, putting their knowledge to the test.

For the business, they gain the energy and knowledge of students who bring the latest industry techniques and approach to find innovative solutions to a business challenge. Current and previous ABPs include IFF, UEFA, and Les Bains de Lavey.

Who are La Réserve?

La Réserve started life in Geneva, Switzerland, quickly becoming an iconic part of the city’s luxury hotel and spa scene. The hotel was the realised ambition of Michel Reybier who had his own vision of luxury and desired to privately own and manage a portfolio of highly individual properties. Fast-forward to today and that vision has been realised across Europe, at La Réserve Genève, La Réserve Ramatuelle, La Réserve Paris and La Chartreuse de Cos.

La Réserve has always strived to develop hotels, residences and spas in the most exclusive locations, operated by a finely selected management team. Their ambition is to recruit and retain the very best, which led them to ask Glion students, Ekaterina, Amro, Horo, Jian, Yiru and Syao to assist them with this objective as part of their ABP.

Attracting a new generation of talent

How to attract and retain Millennials and Gen Z as employees is a challenge faced not just by the hospitality industry, but by companies in all sectors around the western world. This modern workforce has a new view on what a job should look like, turning the traditional interview process on its head, with employees much more selective about who they choose to give their time to.

This is particularly true at the very top of the talent tree, where the very best can hand-pick their career moves, which is why La Réserve are implementing their new targeted HR strategy. Speaking about the project challenge, the group said: “Developing career is important to Millennials, so the recruiters have to keep that in mind and put an accent on career development plans”.

“Millennials do not have a lot of experience – give them opportunities, they love to learn!”, they added.

Following a successful visit to La Réserve Genéve and first meeting, the students received very clear instructions and a lot of information about how to approach this project.

How is the team working on this project?

The diversity amongst the students is key to the alternative perspective and international insight they can bring to La Réserve. Hailing from every corner of the globe, the Glion students can offer different opinions and points of view when it comes to young talent and HR practices. This multicultural viewpoint is a particularly valuable asset for any business operating in the truly global hospitality industry.

The ABP isn’t the first time the students have met La Réserve, the hotel brand was recently at a Glion Career & Recruitment Day, which offered a very useful insight into how they recruit and what can be improved. To add to this knowledge, the students are also planning to complete interviews with previous and current employees who are part of the Millennial and Generation Z age range.

Access to real work with leading brands

The relationships that Glion fosters with leading brands around the world gives our students access to unrivalled real-world experience. For this ABP, the students had a chance to discuss the project with the GM of the hotel, as well as the HR team – this exposure to real business teams whilst still studying is invaluable for career development.

The La Réserve ABP is a part of the final year specialization in Luxury Brand Management that Ekaterina, Amro, Horo, Jian, Yiru and Syao are studying. This combination of targeted studies and real-world experience is giving the students the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test in a genuine business situation.

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