My very last day at Glion was a melting pot of feelings: satisfaction, happiness, pride, and a bit of tiredness. Only one emotion was surprisingly missing – for some reason I was not sad. Obviously, I was not happy to leave my friends and the beautiful scenery I was getting used to, but for some reason I knew that my connection with Glion was not over.

Those moments are written in my memory, exactly as the words “Glion Institute of Higher Education” are in my Curriculum Vitae. The name Glion has always helped me in advancing my career, or better it was the real key to success.

Did you know that most of the recruiters actually make a first selection only based on what is written on CVs? At this stage it is of course necessary to prove you have studied in one of the best schools in the world. But that is not enough. Nowadays more and more young graduates apply for the same job, and the interview process is long, and sometimes, demanding. I was taught by the Career Development Center in Bulle how to get ready for an interview and I was given a full list of questions I always have to be ready to answer, and I still carry my notes with me wherever I go. They have always helped, and sometimes saved, me.

Networking is the second most important point. Those people, those friends who were crying on our very last day in Switzerland are in my heart, of course, but I also keep their contacts in my Skype, their numbers in my phone book and their photos and updates on Facebook, and we still talk quite often.

As soon as you start travelling and working in different parts of the world, your classmates will always be so happy to meet you, and even other Glion Alumni you have never seen before are there for you. The Glion spirit, funny to say, is almost “touchable” – it really exists. I do not think I have to mention the other advantages of knowing people that are working for the travel industry…

Two years ago I went to the Fairmont Hotel on Shaykh Zayed Road for the Alumni Gathering in Dubai. Entering the magnificent ballroom I was a bit scared, not sure if I knew anyone. Well, that feeling did not last long – in 10 minutes I was already chatting and laughing with a lot of people. We shared our experiences and talked about passion for hospitality, and we definitely were linked by the School, even if we were there in different times.

Guess what? With those successful, wise hospitality leaders I am still in touch!

Do not forget though, that Glion is a school, and as in every school, you have to prove you are a real future leader by studying hard! But I can guarantee, even the hardest of tasks can be easily completed, if you face it with passion.

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” (Confucius)

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