NAME: Harrys Spyridakos
PROGRAM: Master’s in International Hospitality & Service Industries Management
COMPANY: Locus Ltd

Harrys Spyridakos’ career path had taken him away from the world of hospitality. Completing a Master’s degree at Glion not only brought him back to the sector, it has also unleashed his entrepreneurial spirit.

“My Master’s degree really changed the way I perceive business,” he says. “It gave me a completely new perspective, which derived from the relevant and up-to-date knowledge I gained during the program.”

“You could say Glion injected the entrepreneurship bug into me!”

Making a leap into the unknown

After finishing his Master’s degree in 2015, Harrys founded the marketing production company Locus Ltd.Being an entrepreneur is an ‘out-of-your-comfort-zone’ experience. However, my deep interest in disruptive technologies – and how they can shape industries – outweighs any concerns.”

Locus helps hospitality, luxury real estate and yacht brands to promote their assets in the most effective way, with visual marketing assets that sell.

“Our services range from interior 3D virtual tours, to drone visuals, virtual reality content and 360º video,” Harrys adds. “Essentially, we take care of the production of marketing assets for our clients, so that they can focus on high-value work such as closing sales and growing their brand.”

Why virtual reality is the new reality in hospitality

Harrys is a firm believer in the power of virtual reality (VR) to transform the hospitality industry.

He explains, “I believe VR will change dramatically the way we experience, or ‘consume’, content in the travel industry as a whole. “

“This will have an impact on how marketers design their strategies, in order to reach an audience that no longer looks at a screen but wears a VR headset. The marketing implications span from content creation to distribution, as well as how to measure ROI on campaigns.

In true entrepreneurial style Harrys already has his eyes on his next business venture. “I am working on a new premium product launch for the Swiss market, which I am very excited about. This is separate to Locus; we will be operating in the consumer goods space. For me, this was the true value of the Glion Master’s program: encouraging critical thinking and embedding knowledge that is applicable and relevant beyond the hospitality industry.

And he has this advice for any readers looking for the secrets of success in business: “Find your niche; be passionate about it; expand your network as much as possible across continents. And definitely set goals: dreams are great, but goals imply a sense of accountability, determination and discipline. These are key elements for success, both academically and professionally.”

  • Harrys is happy to connect with Glion alumni directly – you can contact him at

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