Life in Switzerland consistently ranks among the best in the world for the quality of life and happiest citizens. It’s a country that offers an ideal mix of beautiful settings on the outside, and fun, culturally rich activities and individuals on the inside… just like Glion Institute of Higher Education.

On the Glion and Bulle campuses of GIHE in Switzerland, our students lead a close-knit community life that enriches their studies and makes lifelong memories and connections.

Here are three events that take place every semester, presented by our Student Ambassadors.

Every Student’s First Event on Campus: The Buddy Welcome Drink

By Paul Leguay, Semester 2, Bachelor Degree (BBA) in Hospitality Management

Glion has always advocated a friendly and multicultural environment where people feel immediately part of a family. But, what do the new students think about it ? And, what does « to be part of the Glion Family » mean exactly ? On Monday, April 3rd, on the occasion of the Buddy Welcome Drink » for the newly arrived students in April, we investigated.

The intake is always an important moment. Numerous people arrive on the campus, and the staff wants to offer a really welcoming environment. The Buddy Welcome Drink constitutes the first major event of the semester. All the students meet each other on the terrace, cocktails are offered and the staff’s members come to present themselves.

With the return of the good weather, Glion campus took a completely new turn. The Club (our quick-service burger and Asian food restaurant that also doubles as a lounge and bar) was initially decorated for winter becomes like a small Hawaiian shack. Cocktails, floating rings on the walls, the sunset on the terrace…it makes you forget all the stress of your arrival on the campus. You are directly part of this environment, you are part of Glion.

The Student Ambassadors who are Campus Life Leaders are present to give any information on the campus and facilitate the meeting between new students. Théo Rouget, currently Academic Ambassador, declared during this event , “We are here to make the new students comfortable, talk to them ; and most importantly, make them feel part of the Glion Family.”

Finally, was this event successful ? Let’s ask to someone concerned. Euxane Levy, a French new student told us, « Glion is very welcoming and has a friendly environment. The ambassadors and the staff made me feel really comfortable and made me feel like I was part of their family. They answer the questions I had and helped me with everything I needed »

The Semester’s Most-Loved Event: The Cultural Fair

By Mathilde Christmann, Semester 6, Bachelor Degree (BBA) in Hospitality Management with Real Estate Finance and Revenue Specialization

In total 18 stands were represented: Greece, France, Morocco, Latin America, Indonesia, Vietnam, Algeria, China, Italy, India, Sweden, Russia, Lebanon, Spain, Canada, Kazakhstan, Middle East, Switzerland, Belgium.

The stands were animated by students of semester 4, 6 and 7 who prepared their traditional dishes for tasting along with games and quizzes.

Representing the Europeans, the French stand served homemade crepes with salted butter caramel, French cheeses paired with red wine and the traditional saucisson. The Swedish girls stood by their national flag and gave away Swedish meatballs and delicious Daim chocolate, with two quizzes: to guess which brand was Swedish and famous Swedish personalities. In the Spanish stand, Students were also able try some typical Spanish food like stuffed intestine, which tasted way better than it sounds, paired with fresh homemade sangria.

At the same time, outside the building some games were organised. Students re-enacted the Youtube popular Chubby Bunny challenge. There was a water pistol challenge and the Charity Committee set up a shisha stand next to the games which gave a very convivial atmosphere to the event.

All the stands were competing in three categories, the results were: Vietnam was rewarded for having the best food, Latin America was designated as the best decorated stand and China won Best Overall Stand. Each of the teams won Food and Beverages related prizes. Overall, the key word of the Cultural Fair event is sharing. Sharing culture, sharing food, sharing fun times. It really embodies the Glion spirit and values.

Sports Events – Glion vs EHL Football Match

By Victor Hafez, Msc in Event, Sport and Entertainment Management

The Student Life Department, in association with the sports ambassadors of Glion, organize many different sporting activities throughout the semester, from sport excursions as ski trips to sport games such as football, volleyball, basketball and rugby.

The Glion football team is known for its achievements and the many trophies they have won, but they are not in the official Swiss league. However, they keep organizing games versus mainly Les Roches and EHL, their two main competitors.

On Monday night, we were all gathered by the team’s captain Giovanni to come and support our players in Bulle for the first home game of this semester, “It would be nice to have some support for it, so feel free to come out and cheer” said Giovanni. Around 150 students answered Giovanni’s call and came to support their friends, colleagues and team! The supporters were well prepared, megaphones, air honks and their voices, everything they needed to cheer their players and encourage them.

In the first 45 minutes, and we could see a lot of pressure from the EHL team pressing and trying to score and secure themselves but Glion’s players fought back and scored the first goal to secure a confident spirit at the end of the first half. The second half started and EHL’s players didn’t lose any time and scored their first goal to draw with Glion. This goal gave them confidence and they scored 3 other goals in the remaining 40 minutes. This is how the game ended on a score of 1-4 for EHL’s team, a warm applause from all the supporters that were present and a warm handshake between both teams.

The team’s captain Giovanni thanked the supporters “Thank you everyone for your support. The entire team really appreciates it and it makes playing so much better and more fun. We’d love
to get you to come out again for our next match and we’ll try to put up a better fight. Thanks again y’all you were great!”

Every semester, new members join this team, and others leave for new destinations, but the spirit of good fun and good friends remains.

More Information about Life on Campus

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