Compared to Switzerland, where everything is just expensive, London has a good balance and offers value for money. If you pay a lot, you get a high quality product or service and it works the other way around too. From my experience, you need to prioritize the things you like: I’m trying to be selective and choose the most famous and interesting places . Museums are free, but often you have to pay for temporary exhibitions, audio guides and unfortunately even museum maps!

But cinemas, theatres and some attractions have good student discounts.

When you come to London, you’ll be overwhelmed with choice and opportunity. Take the time to actually understand what you need and like. I always check online for upcoming events and festivals and buy tickets online, so I don’t have to queue at the entrance.

Living in a metropolis and studying at the same time demands very good time management. I have a rule to spend at least one hour per day studying from Monday to Friday. This means I don’t have a pile of work for the weekend and have the time free to visit interesting places. Also, it’s very important to leave time for transportation. London is very big and it can be time-consuming to travel around the city. But public transport is safe, very convenient and well-connected.

Bulle campus is much bigger with more organized opportunities – a student’s life is active. London campus is small and cozy and doesn’t provide the same range of activities, but its coziness makes students friendlier and they participate in most of the student events. No doubt students have a better environment to concentrate on studies in Switzerland than in London. However, this city provides opportunities for part-time jobs, visiting the most famous and luxurious hotels and building strong professional connections.

London gives you an opportunity to make friends with students from other top universities of the world and broaden your mind with cultural events. Also the best restaurants, bars and clubs – everything is here! And these are actually an element of our studies, so you can use them in your projects at GIHE. London is about getting experience, learning how to manage time and improving social skills, which is all very useful for a career in hospitality management.

Anna Pluzhnikova, Marketing ambassaor

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