At Glion Institute of Higher Education, our students gain first-hand experience through a range of hands-on modules. One such example is the Applied Business Project (ABP), which sees students work closely with a leading hospitality organization. We spoke to Elin Persson, Ambre Cazaux, Alice Levy and Laura Chauffat, who are conducting their ABP with the four-star Hotel Victoria, situated in Glion village and part of the Relais & Chateaux hotel group.

The objectives

Elin, Ambre, Alice and Laura were offered three projects, but found this one the most appealing. “This project was more challenging than the others. “It is a traditional hotel that wants to adapt to new trends. We need to push the boundaries in order to set the right marketing strategy and attract young people.”

One of their main objectives is to make a marketing plan for the hotel, in order to make it more contemporary. “We are putting considerable focus on the digital side,” they said. “For example, the hotel currently doesn’t have a strong online presence. We are trying to make recommendations for the future, things they should consider and what their target market is expecting.”

Alongside this, the foursome is working on making the hotel more appealing to a younger demographic. “We want to expand their target market to future generations,” they said. “We will make recommendations on how to create special experiences for young people. That way, they can stay at the hotel and take home some amazing memories.”

Starting the project

The team’s project is split into three different parts:

  • The first focuses on background research
  • Following that, they will look at consumer behaviour – “we are interested in knowing what drives people to book into certain hotels, including awareness, decision making and the booking channels they use.”
  • The third and final part is the digital strategy. “We will research all the possibilities and suggest where the hotel should focus its efforts on in order to get more guests”.

Things are already well underway, with the team giving a presentation to Hotel Victoria’s owner. “We showed them what we have done so far and ensured that we are all on the same page. We will continue to meet with an external marketing agency to share our mutual ideas and keep improving the strategy.”

Putting skills to the test

For the ABP, these ladies are applying what they have learned in the classroom to a real-life project. “It’s a matter of repeating what we discovered in past semesters,” they said. “We have enough knowledge to make some good estimates and develop something good.” However, there are still some new skills that they must master. “Digital marketing is still very new to us, but we are learning this in parallel with our teachers. However, it helps that we are part of a generation that is used to interactive media.”

While there are challenges ahead, the team believes that there is a lot to gain personally from conducting the project, as well as professionally. “We are learning a lot, and gaining the skills and knowledge that we will be able to use in our future careers,” they said. “We want to produce something totally unique.”

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