In the first of a series of posts from current Student Ambassadors, Fanny Varain, a first-semester student in a Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Business program, talks about the activities, trips and excursions organized by Glion and students. Typically taken at weekends, trips are subsidised by the school and designed to help new students explore their exciting new surroundings, as Fanny explains.

“It has been almost three months since the new BBA students started their studies at Glion, and there has been a lot to experience already, not just from the academic point of view but also outside of school.”

“When not studying or gaining experience working in restaurants, reception, housekeeping and other areas, the students are exploring Montreux and further afield. The school and the students have been busy organizing day trips and events to make the first semester as memorable as possible for everybody. This is to recap just a few of the amazing trips and events organized by the school and the students, and what more is to come.”

From sky to ski

“The semester kicked off with a paragliding trip and a trip to beautiful Chamonix to introduce the students to the charms of the surrounding area. The paragliding trip took the students to one of the impressive mountains that surround the Montreux area, where they were able to explore Montreux and Glion from high above.”

“The Chamonix trip was also a wonderful experience for the students, who were introduced to a traditional ski resort town in France. In Chamonix the students could enjoy the nice weather while walking through the small downtown of the ski resort area.”

Exploring Europe

“In October two trips planned by the school were on the program, Europa Park in Germany and Lyon in France. The first semester students enjoyed a sunny, fun-filled day in Europa Park, the second largest amusement park in Europe. With thirteen roller coasters and a special Halloween event, the day was a huge success for all participants.”

“The school also organized a day trip to Lyon on the 20th of October. Just like Europa Park, the Lyon trip generated great interest for the students and was a welcome distraction from the practical arts classes and change in scenery. In Lyon the students were able to explore the city’s many famous sightseeing stops, such as the Notre-Dame de Fouvèiere and the Lyon Cathedral, as well as enjoy the local, traditional cuisine, like the quenelle.”

Halloween campus party

“Since it was October, a good Halloween party could of course not be missed. The Networking committee and the Graduation Committee organized a successful Halloween Party in the Glion Club, with an after party in our local club, the Black Pearl. The Halloween party was filled with scary costumes, amazing pumpkin carvings and a lot of Halloween spirit.”

History and haute couture

“The most recent trip organized by the school was the trip to Milan. For many students it was a great opportunity to see a little more of the rich history Europe has to offer, of which the Milan Cathedral and the Porta Sempione are a wonderful example. And of course not to be missed in the fashion capital of the world was the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the oldest active shopping mall.”

More trips to come!

“While all these trips were already incredibly impressive to our students, the semester has not ended yet and there is much more to come. The next excursion will be a surprise one, organized by Glion Ambassadors. We will announce the location soon! The Ambassadors have also organized a fun paintball trip for all students.”

“School-organized excursions are still filling our calendar! The recent trip to Strasbourg Christmas Market on December 1st definitely put us in the Christmas mood. After the winter break there are two more trips planned, a skiing trip as well as a Tobogganing trip. Everything still to come is generating great interest with the Glion students and everybody is looking forward to these new activities.”

Thanks to Fanny for sharing the activities, trips and excursions on offer to students. Fanny will be posting a blog every two weeks about life at Glion, so check back soon for more!

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