The week of 13-19 May was declared Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. The core theme was body image – how we think and feel about our bodies.

There were events up and down the country, involving celebrities, sports stars and members of the Royal Family.

Anna Pluzhnikova, a BBA student based at Glion’s London campus, tells the story of how she and her fellow students did their bit to mark the occasion.

“London-based Glioners decided to prepare a beautiful fair to celebrate this wonderful occasion. It started with a breakfast club, where we could enjoy a healthy meal before our classes. Then, during lunchtime, some students prepared stands with healthy, fresh-made juices and smoothies to fill and cheer us up.

BL041_GL_London_Campus_MentalHealthWeek_CansWe also had a bowling game to try – this was really amazingly done! Instead of skittles we had cans (see pictures) reflecting all of the possible stereotypes someone could face. You are stupid, ugly, fat, weak? Strike them all! And believe me, it felt so good doing that.

Another impressive event was a mindful eating session. Did you know how closely food is related to stress? To help us relax, a big table was set up for people to enjoy their lunch outdoors on what was a lovely sunny day.

At the same time, we had a visiting guest speaker give us some tips on how you should eat mindfully. These included: eat very slowly and be in a positive mood; understand what you eat and enjoy it; and always try to sit down and use cutlery.

Last but not least, watching TV, being on the phone or traveling on public transport is extremely stressful for our bodies. These are not great times to be eating; so if you have an opportunity, try to always eat in a relaxed atmosphere, somewhere nice or outside that will let you truly enjoy your meal with a feeling of pleasure.

Apart from that, there was a big discussion about sustainability and waste management, which, by the way, is so important and related to our favorite hospitality industry!”

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