Glion’s ideal location means students always have the opportunity to visit neighboring countries. Our students often take trips to France, especially the beautiful city of Lyon. Glion’s student ambassadors, Ainura and Farida, wrote about the recent trip and what they got up to.

Choosing Lyon

Switzerland is ideally located in the heart of Europe, which allows Glion students to travel easily to the nearest counties. These include France, Italy, Germany and many others. France, in particular, has become a popular destination among students. During the ski season, Glioners like to go to Portes du Soleil or Courchevel, while in summer months they go to South of France or Paris.

Meanwhile, fall is the perfect time to visit the “gastronomic capital” of France, Lyon. It is known around the world for its food, and a high demand from students means Glion organizes visits every year. This semester was no exception, and on the 28th of October we attended the latest Lyon field trip.

Ainura’s story

The last week in Switzerland was really cold, so I am pleasantly surprised by the weather in Lyon. This beautiful city greets us with sun, and gives us more motivation to explore Lyon. We arrive in Lyon at 10:30, and we are given an itinerary for the day. This includes seeing Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere, wandering around Old Town, and shopping for wine and cheese.

I personally have never been to Lyon before, and did not know what to expect. Fortunately, my friend Farida Safarova is with me and has been here before, so she has willingly become my tour guide for the day. If I travel somewhere I always make a list of places that I must visit, as well as ensure I find some great restaurants.

Farida’s story

I visited Lyon with some friends back in second semester and fell in love with the city. When I heard about the opportunity to visit Lyon again, I immediately signed up. As a hospitality student, I believe that travelling has become a big part of my life. I personally think that it’s the people you travel with who make places memorable.

We visit famous sight-seeing spots around the city, starting with Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere. We are surprised by the bright design and rich colors, which is unusual for most of the European basilicas of that time. All shades of blue and green are present in the icons, together with golden frame and marble pillars. On the way back, we find an amazing spot that overlooks the city and take some good photos.

Knowing that Lyon is famous for its gastronomy, we decide to have lunch at one of its most famous restaurants. It was created by Lyon celebrity chef Paul Bocuse. The food is delicious and we really like the service there, which became an important aspect to notice for any hospitality student. We then go to Old Town, a place packed with small, cute shops, restaurants and bars, where we also take a chance to have a bite of local Lyonnais food.

Lyon was a great getaway from classes and projects. We enjoyed the colors, architecture, people and, most importantly, food in Lyon. After spending half a day there, we understood why it is called the “gastronomic capital”, because it does deliver delicious food through every part of the city. We would like to thank Glion for the organization of day trips, as they give us the opportunity to travel to new destinations. We came back to Bulle fully recharged and ready to finish our Dissertations.

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