On September 15, World Cleanup Day, 52 dedicated Glion students proudly represented their school by improving Bulle for everyone and winning an award for their efforts. In Switzerland alone there were 530 organized groups who took part in the national cleanup efforts. Lim Kobe tells us more.

Award-winning teamwork

This is the fourth year that Glion has taken part in the cleanup day, and this time the newly formed Green Committee of Glion took up the mantle of mobilizing a cleanup crew. In fact, they were able to gather the largest group of Bachelors and Masters students yet. Their magnanimous efforts were recognized by the IGSU (Interest Group Clean Environment) who awarded Glion with the 2018 Best Team Participation award.

The IGSU award recognized the strong motivation that Glion students demonstrated. Many of the students were compelled to make a difference for the local community, despite only arriving in the city of Bulle a week and a half prior to the cleanup day. Already, they were eager to give back and share the afternoon with their new home.

Locals showed their love

For the students, taking part in the national cleanup day was a wonderful way to mingle with the community of Bulle, Switzerland. There were a lot of fun and unique experiences shared, including a man on his tractor exclaiming “Bravo! Félicitations!”, and a woman telling students that if it were not for the dirty gloves, she would have shaken their hands!

It was clear that the community appreciated the efforts and wanted to express their thanks. Throughout the day, volunteers were greeted with smiles, thanks, and nods of appreciation. A father and his son offered a couple of the volunteers drinks, to fuel their motivation for making the world a better place. Seeing such motivated and giving young adults interacting with their city was truly uplifting and inspiring.

Doing your bit for the environment

In only a few hours, the Glion students were able to collect approximately ten bags of trash. This is fantastic; however, it is not enough. Taking care of our environment is a responsibility that needs to be a communal dedication that is steadfast and consistent. No matter how small the deed seems, the impact that it makes on the ecosystem and the surrounding community is great. We at Glion would love to encourage you to join us in taking care of the spaces we utilize and actively engage with your local neighborhoods.

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