Clearly, one day is not enough to experience all that London has to offer, or even to enjoy all that Glion London, the University of Roehampton, and the Putney neighborhood have to offer. But in 24 hours, I learned some interesting things and had some fun moments on my one-day trip to London and I’m happy to share them.

Here are the ten things I really enjoyed about my one-day visit to Glion London

It’s easy to get around London

I was a bit worried about getting confused or lost on the way to the campus, but it turned out to be super easy. At Heathrow airport, I picked up an Oyster Card and breezed right through the well-signed tube station to take the Piccadilly Line right to East Putney station. From there, I was able to walk to my hotel in 5 minutes, and the next day, I went one tube stop further on to meet my colleagues and we took one bus that dropped us off right in front of Glion London campus. The trip home was similarly uncomplicated: One bus from Glion London to Hammersmith tube station, and then the Picadilly line right to Heathrow, it took me one hour and fifteen minutes.

Pub food, and hot alcoholic beverages rock

I always thought pubs were like more like bars, but I was mistaken. The warm, cozy atmosphere of the Prince of Whales pub that my boss chose for a meeting place the first night was more like a small restaurant and it was exactly what we needed after a short dash through the rainy streets of East Putney. I got to try some traditional pub fare: a Scotch-egg (an egg wrapped in a sausage mixture and fried till the yolk still runs), fish and chips, and drink hot sloe gin, and it was all delicious, the service was great and the atmosphere was authentic and jovial.

A good hotel, for a decent price in Putney

I was pleasantly surprised by the Lodge Hotel, just five minutes walking distance from the Putney Bridge tube station. It offered a nice, clean room and a good breakfast at a totally reasonable price. Like I said before, it was also very easy to get to the campus from there, but it was nice and close to the main streets in Putney where there are many little stores and restaurants.

British treats, open late

When I go out of town, I like to pick up a little something to take back with me and this time was no exception. What I thought was cool is that the stores are open very late, so even after having dinner and drinks, I was able to stop into a market and pick up some goodies for the family back home: shortbread, Cadbury chocolates, and the best black tea I’ve ever tasted: PG Tipps.

Nice paths for walking, jogging and cycling

From my visit, I only regret two things: not having enough time to get out and really explore the surroundings, and not having brought my trainers. I saw tons of people running in London, and in the morning I also saw a bunch of people cycling to the tube station and throughout the city. In Putney, there’s a nice trail by the river. Closer to the University of Roehampton, there are tons of wide open parks and green spaces where people were jogging and walking dogs.

Glion London’s got class and culture, not just classes

When we hopped off the bus, I didn’t realize we were standing right in front of the Glion London building: Downshire house. Stepping into this old mansion-style place, I liked that it had been tastefully renovated but it retained this classy, historical feeling. In the meeting room, we used one of these new wide screen presentation TVs that have a touch screen and a pointer. The bathrooms are marked “Universal Access” (for the LGBT TG community) which I also thought was cool. During the day, students hosted their Cultural Fair with 11 stands representing the culture and cuisine from student’s home countries. I only tasted the desserts, but what I had was delish.

The UoR has a hip, international, old UK university vibe

During lunch, I got the ten-minute tour of the University of Roehampton grounds, where the Glion London students have access to the cafes, student clubs, sports facilities and restaurants. Just across the street from the Glion building, we entered the campus grounds and a distinctly British, old-school university atmosphere off-set with very contemporary common spaces, cafes, and students from every background. I learned that the UoR actually has 10,000 students, 140 different nationalities, and 60 societies and sports clubs. One building is dedicated to dance, which is a big thing at the UoR, and I thought how neat it would be to take dance classes with dance major students, or to shake it up with a Zumba class after work/school.

The UoR has a very green, people-friendly campus

We decided to have lunch at the Hive, the restaurant that serves meals made with the produce from the ‘Growhampton’ garden just outside the door that is managed by students. It was a tasty vegan meal of Mexican-style quinoa and spinach salad. Another thing I noticed here is that the UoR has a wide range of student profiles, which includes students with young children and families because we saw two babies in that café, and one was sleeping quietly as the young dad was studying. As we were leaving, we saw student setting up a little market to sell the produce from the garden as well.

The best way to visit London

So that’s all I got to see of London this time around, but I enjoyed my stay immensely and I would definitely recommend a quick trip to Glion London for anyone who is curious about it. Our people at Glion London will make you feel welcome, and it’s a better way to visit a big city like London – with a purpose, and people who are welcoming you – to see it like a local as you take the same rush hour buses and trains, than if you go for just fun and sight-seeing.

If you want to visit London, go to our Visit London page.

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