When I look back at my Glion Ambassador Video from my graduating year I laugh at how I thought things would be and how things actually turned up. You would hear me saying “I see myself doing a Front Office Management Training in either New York or Tokyo” which initially was my plan. But you never know what life hides for you. I didn’t choose my job, it chose me!

At Kempinski Regional Career day in Geneva, Switzerland, before going in the interview room, my best friend and I saw a picture of one of the properties and were mocking it. “Imagine if one of us ends up there”. Once my time came, I was interviewed by the company COO, and as he started putting down destinations that did not put a smile on my face, I kept fishing for a “cooler” place, till the decision was taken and the paper was immediately signed by the company’s CEO. “Karim, congratulations! You are going to Djibouti“. To be honest, I didn’t even know where Djibouti was! In fact, it is a very small country in the Horn of Africa on the eastern coast by Somalia, Ethiopia, and Eriteria. So I packed my bags and landed in Africa as eCommerce & Marketing Coordinator. Ironically guess where that picture I was mocking was… Djibouti!

I worked there for a year and when it was time to move on, time to find a job again, did I chose it? The only thing I chose was not to take a promotion in Marketing and leave Djibouti as it was a great experience but one year was enough for it. Again Kempinski Regional Career day in Abu Dhabi, UAE and a combat to fly from Djibouti to there, where at some point one of my flights crashed in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis Ababa, but no matter what, I still managed to get myself in Abu Dhabi in time to continue my career with the Company. Same concept like the previous year, as I directly signed a contract with Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi for Group Sales Coordinator, and could not be more excited. My mind was set, I was moving to the UAE.

Due to a political situation, I never managed to get my working permit and once again I was finding myself with nothing, though many things came my way, nothing seemed to work out. I have later on signed a contract for the opening property of Kempinski in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, even though I was really not thrilled about it as I had no wishes to work in a country like Saudi Arabia, but I made my peace with it as I had no other options.

After enjoying a one month holiday traveling the corners of the world, I got an email that the hotel’s opening was delayed and I should wait another month or so. As I could not stay around doing nothing for one more month, I managed to get a one month internship within the company at the property in Geneva and managed to learn and experience something new while staying at home. Once the training finished and getting ready to move to Saudi Arabia for this new beginning, once again, the hotel opening was delayed for a much longer period. (By now you must be pretty lost, which was exactly my case).

After two weeks of doubts and not knowing how things were going to be, you ask yourself a million questions, am I on the right path? Is this what I really wanna do? Should I go do masters? Should I go finish my pilot licence? Should I just move to Australia? Until eventually things do get back to normal anda job chooses you. I got a call to be a Sales Executive still for Kempinski at their property in Bahrain. Five days after signing my contract I landed in Bahrain! I am now a Sales Executive in charge of the Gulf and the Middle East countries from Kuwait to Oman passing by Qatar and the UAE. Honestly, I could not think of a better job for me.

I can clearly see now how I expected things to be and how different things really are, but does that mean that they are worse? No, in my case I think they are better. When you feel that you are lost, you cannot find a job, or maybe you cannot find THE dream job, keep looking and do not give up because something better might come along! I still do want to move to New York & Tokyo at some point, but for now the job that chose me is right here in Bahrain.

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